When you start to tap into Spirit and understand messages, you will very likely feel like you’re on a roller coaster. Some days, you just have to take a breath, and BAM…Spirit is saying things to you, sometimes screaming at ya! Other days, it may feel like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get in the “zone.”

Because there is no ONE way to Spirit, there is not a magic pill or magic method you can follow, that will part the clouds, drop the veil, and take you to the promised land.  We’re all unique and receive messages in unique ways. I have energy move around in different parts of my body, and thoughts just drop in ~ things I have no way of knowing, and that are most definitely not my own thoughts.  I have come to recognize this and trust this.

That would be the first step :: getting familiar with, and comfortable with, how Spirit communicates with you. You may see visual representations, you might feel or see energy, it could come to you as audible sounds.  Just as there are a million unique snow flakes in any snow storm, there are just as many methods and ways for Spirit to communicate messages.  As you begin to trust your abilities you will be amazed at the different methods they will use to speak to you.

messages from spirit guiesHow do you know the message is from Spirit? Take a moment and ask yourself…are these MY thoughts? Does this feel like it’s coming from outside of myself? What does the energy in your body feel like when the messages are coming in?  I often experience a tingling in my forehead, sometimes in my crown, or top of my head.  You can simply ask Spirit for confirmation that you are being sent a message. I’ll say ~ “Is this for me?” and wait to see what sort of physical sensations I feel. It could be a ringing in the ears, it could be an excited feeling in my chest. I’ve learned to ask and pay attention to the answers I get.

So moving forward, let’s assume you trust that you’re getting messages from Spirit, and let’s assume they have dialed into a few specific methods that you’ve become familiar with.  What do you do when it feels like your connection has been disrupted ~ maybe even with meditation and prayer, it’s begun to feel like you aren’t getting anything.

Losing Your Spiritual Connection

That’s a bummer feeling ~ and it’s one that happens to all of us on this spiritual journey, at one time or another. I can assure you, your connection is not lost, you’re just in a temporary state of non-connection.  It doesn’t mean that Spirit can’t or won’t communicate with you, it simply means you are in a state of pause. You can never ever lose connection with Spirit, although you can choose to ignore it, or not actively pursue it.

So many of my beautiful friends suffer during this pause. They begin to feel massive self-doubt, and even question their ability to channel messages.  Do your best during these pauses to keep your energy focused inward, heal and restore, recalibrate…don’t get too far into your head, just know that a breakthrough is on its way!

Rituals are helpful for humans, we train our brains to expect certain things to transpire because of behaviors or actions we take. So stay with me and check out some helpful rituals. They may be of use to you, when you want to intentionally tune into your messages.

Mornings seem to be the time that most people prefer to tap in ~ this is probably because your day hasn’t completely taken off yet, you may not be distracted and focused on your stress, tasks, and commitments yet.  Personally, I can’t get into Spiritual mode until after the first part of my morning routine has been completed…I have humans and furry critters who demand my attention the first couple of hours of my day.

Daily Rituals

rituals for psychicsYou can begin with a short Meditation. Use a few moments to clear your mind, become focused on your breathing. Get yourself into your body. Feel your energy. Sit with you for a few moments, when your mind is uncluttered and not dancing around from topic to topic.

As you focus on stillness, invite the Universe to blow your mind. I say aloud, “OK Universe, please and delight me today, in ways I can’t even imagine!” I typically say that aloud a few times, until I can feel a delighted, expectant energy in my chest.  This simple practice puts me in a very positive frame of mind, and keeps me from dropping into that mental place of “resistance,” that we all know too well.

My mind is now calm, and clear, and I’m feeling like this day is going to be full of opportunities that the Universe conspires to bring to me, with no effort on my part. My only job is to stay in an expected, joyful state. Wow, that was easy ~ and it was only about 5 to 7 minutes of calibration.  Hmmm, maybe rituals aren’t so bad.

I often will grab my notebook and pen, and open to a blank page. I’ll write down What would be most helpful for me to know, right now? ~ and then doodle so my mind doesn’t try to take over what comes.  As I doodle, thoughts will come to me pretty fast and furious, and I’ll begin to jot them down as fast as I can. I do not edit for grammar, spelling, or try and make the words “make sense.”  It’s my job to write it down, and then I can go back and clean it up for grammar, spelling, sentence structure. These thoughts are not my own, and I want to be sure to get them all.

After a few moments, the information will slow down or stop all together.  This is my version of “automatic writing” though there are different ways to do it.  It’s a conversation I’m having directly with the Universe. Sometimes, I’ll follow up with a question, and wait for the answers.  If I feel myself struggling to get the information, I’ll simply put the notepad away.

If I am meant to have information, Spirit will find a way to get it to me. It could come during my shower, while I’m playing with the dog, while I’m driving… Anytime that my mind is distracted, Spirit will find a way to drop some knowledge on me.

Some days I’ll say a short prayer, asking Spirit to move my own ego and baloney out of the way, and then pull a tarot card.  If you do this, you can decide if you want to ask about a specific situation in your life, or you might just tell Spirit to show you what would be helpful for you to know.  I prefer to stay general, but my goal is to maintain the Spiritual communication highway ~ the tarot card itself isn’t as important to me.

The goal is to keep your “ritual” or routine simple enough that it doesn’t feel like work, and it’s something you can easily reproduce day after day.  As you take just a few moments out of your day to focus on your Spiritual journey, you may feel calmer, more grounded, more tapped in, more self confident.

Remember, Spirit always knows how to reach you.  It’s your job to keep yourself open to hearing the messages. If you feel like you’re blocked off, or going through the ‘pause,’ don’t waste your energy by judging yourself or doubting your abilities.  It could serve as an excellent opportunity to begin creating new rituals or routines that get you excited and ready to more easily receive.

Don’t forget, my friends :: Spiritual communication, is a two way highway! Share your thoughts, burdens, worries, hopes, and dreams with Spirit.  You’re always being heard, and you are worthy of this relationship, your abilities, and all that you manifest.  Keep the energy flowing ~ don’t give up when you feel like communication has slowed down.

Recalibrate. Refocus. Create routines. Be ready to receive.  Let me know if I can help!

rosalie brown




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