Psychic Readings

The clairvoyant or psychic reading thing is always a new experience if you’ve never had one before. And every reading you get will be unique.  Everyone who connects to Spirit for you will have a different style, unique delivery, and the kinds of information that gets relayed to will be different depending on the reader.   Readings can be done over the phone, Zoom, or through Facebook messenger.


Rosalie Brown

Rosalie is a psychic|medium, channeling messages from Spirit. She is passionate about helping you become the best version of you. You can ask for answers around your current life circumstances, or receive a message from your Guides that is meant for your greatest good, right NOW.

Readings are 30 or 60 minutes.

Mediumship Readings

If you’d like to connect with a passed loved one, then Deana is your gal. Deana uses her strong connection to the Other Side to bring forth messages from loved ones. As a psychic medium Deana is able to deliver messages from Spirit Guides as well as messages from the departed.   Readings can be done over the phone, Zoom, or through Facebook messenger.


Deana is an experienced psychic medium,  channeling messages from Spirit. You can ask her to connect with a specific person/spirit, or you may receive a more general reading, or even have some surprises come through.

Readings are 30 or 60 minutes.

SOME THOUGHTS ON READINGS.  Listen, lovelies…we adore getting clairvoyant readings, and you probably do to. We’re going to drop some super important knowledge here, and we hope you understand.  Fortune telling or predicting the future:: nope. That’s not how this works.

Readings illuminate the possibilities that exist in THIS moment, based on if you continue on your current trajectory.  We live in a FREE-WILL based Universe, and any choice that you make may reset or alter your trajectory. There is never just ONE possible outcome, we are living in an infinite and abundant Universe.

Staying in your power and determining what is best for YOU can only be done by YOU.  Intuitive readers can assist you in accessing information, but the reader is not your guru. YOU and always YOU are the best expert on your life.