OK, not really! But it sure does suck when you want something, want it really, really badly. And you have to live through human time…you know, the time that seems to take forever! The interesting thing is that the Universe is always conspiring to bring about all of our wants and desires.  So why does it have to take so long?

One of my favorite songs goes like this : “Oh baby, don’t it feel like heaven right now? Don’t it feel like something from a dream?” And continues to the chorus that says: “The waiting is the hardest part.” (There is more, but you get the gist).

If we are willing to move our own bullshit out of the way, and this IS a choice…we can circumvent the discomfort we experience in the in-between time.

Stick with me here, Cupcake! We absolutely are capable of slowing things down, or speeding things up. How? With our own focus. All of our thoughts and emotions emit a frequency or vibration. They behave like magnets, attracting into our personal atmosphere the thoughts, experiences, and people who match our vibration.

universal timingYour vibe attracts not only your tribe, but also your experiences.  Alright, that’s basic, and you already knew that. But follow me down this path a tiny bit farther, I promise I’ll get to the heart of the story.

I tell people in readings all the time: “This feels like the most probable outcome in THIS moment. The Universe is full of infinite possibilities and outcomes, so remember that anything is possible.”  I’ve said it a hundred times, but saying it, and remembering that when living our own lives, walking our own paths…well, it’s easier said than done.

Universal timing is almost magical.  If time is a constraint of the 3-D, human experience, then it really doesn’t exist beyond the veil.  There is no matter of urgency on the Other side, but here on the Earth plane, we run around, convinced that each moment is critical.  There is a time and a place to discuss how quick life passes, but this isn’t the point of the article. I am totally getting to the point, I promise.

I spent a great deal of time, exactly a year ago, immersed in emotional pain and despair. I could not for the life of me, get out of my head, and stop torturing myself. It was almost impossible for me to focus on one breath to the next.  To say I was a train wreck, is being kind.

I consulted my good friend and go-to psychic, and I booked way too many readings with her.  I was waiting to get the magic answer – the only one that I would accept – and I kept getting “turn your focus inward.” Ew. Better try again. Another reading, more of the same questions, more of the same “get yourself right, stop focusing externally” messages. Dammit.  Let me try again.

My psychic did end up telling me she wouldn’t take my money any more, not because she didn’t love me, but because she DID. I had an agenda each reading I went in to. I just wanted to hear “it’s all going to be OK, and so-and-so is gonna get their shit together soon and realize that you’re the love of his life and man did he screw up.” Que the wedding march and we walk off into the sunset.  (Oh, God, who had I become?)

I had devolved into a place where I was needing the condition to improve, before my emotions and mental musings would improve. Oops. And it’s no wonder, nothing was happening. At least not in human time.

In our last reading, during the dark night of my soul as I call it, my friend said, “you’re already down on the floor, you might as well look at all the dust bunnies.  Now is the time to really end this dark cycle, if you choose, Rosalie.”  She then said, but just know, you are going to have to fall deep into it, to transmute it.  Ew.

Funny thing was, the only thing that was hampering my progress was my decision that change wasn’t happening fast enough. Things were not resolving on my time frame. And after all, isn’t Rosalie time, the right time? Oy. I shudder now when I reflect upon this.  I was putting out nothing but desperation and rigidity into the Universe. I would not accept anything but a freakin’ miracle, and oh yeah…that miracle needed to happen today.

manifesting like a bad assSo I dove into the gutter, cried all summer, felt every range of emotion that there ever was, and became exhausted. Exhausted with myself.  It became too much work to keep resisting what was  – and I finally figured out the best thing I could do was let go of time. Time wasn’t the problem. My lack of faith, my external focus, and my monkey mind…those were the problem.

The Universe is always working behind the scenes to cook stuff up for our betterment.  Sometimes things explode, so that something different can take its place. It’s called expansion. And it’s always for our greatest good, even if going through it feels like death.

In some ways, it is a death. It’s the death of what you thought was possible. It’s the death of the time frame you etched out in your mind. All for something different, better, and more suited for your life path to take its place.

The best thing I ever did was to let go of time. The Universe knows what the heck it’s doing. And once I took the parameters of what I would accept, off the table, shifts began to happen. I started to focus inward instead of outward. I quit worrying about time and started to live my life, a tiny bit, day by day.  I surrendered. And if you have ever met me, you know that surrender is not something that comes naturally.

So, what’s my point? Stop limiting what the Universe wants to bring forth for you. Remove your expectations of what it will look like, and when it will arrive.  It is almost impossible to let go of something, when you’re focused on WHEN.  That’s what we do, we check our smart phones about 1000 times a day, we look at our calendar, our clocks, our message alerts – that’s how we measure the day.  But what happens when we chill out?

In that chilled out space – I promise you – is where miracles occur. Without our help. We just have to be open to receive what the Universe wants to bring us. Without conditions. Allow what is for your best to come to you, without condition or pre-conception.  It’s quite beautiful, and amazing, what the Universe has in store for you!

I’m walking these crazy halls with you, my friend ~ shout if I can help in anyway!

rosalie brown




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