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Ever since I was a little one, I could sense energy. I relied on it to survive. That sounds dramatic, but my early years were actually pretty transformative and unstable. Reading energy allowed me to quickly scan a room, and figure out the safest corners. At the time, I didn’t know much about my Spirit Guides or psychic stuff, but I became very proficient at reading energy and listening to my intuition.

When I was ready, the Universe put a mentor in my path. Through my relationship and trust in that individual,  I was able to begin to hone my psychic abilities in earnest. I firmly believe we ALL have psychic abilities, and as we move through childhood, we tend to turn the volume down. We are taught to grow up and stop using our imagination, and you can probably guess how that turns out. You turn down your imagination, and your psychic connection turns way down, too. Trust me, there’s a correlation there (wink).

My psychic readings are meant to help illuminate and offer encouragement. They are accurate, but they are never infallible, and I will never tell you what to do. Free-will is no small thing; in fact it’s everything. My role is to be the vehicle for what Spirit shares with you, my role is NOT to tell you what to do or how to do it. Choice is yours, there is no “right” and “wrong.” Spirituality is absent of judgment, and when you get a reading from me, you’ll never feel you’re being judged. I honor who you are and what matters to you.

A session with me can feel a bit like a coaching session, because Spirit is illuminating all your gorgeous vibrancy, when I’m connecting for you. There is so much love and adoration for you in the Spirit realm, and it is always my honor to be able to share it.

Readings are offered in 30 or 60 minute sessions, for your convenience. Individual and group mentoring sessions are available as well. Readings are pre-paid and scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  Delivered via Zoom, telephone, or in person, local to Los Angeles.

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Frequently Asked Questions:: The More You Know

That’s actually a no-no in the world of Spirit communication. If you have a personal relationship with the person, whether that’s as a romantic partner, family member, close friend, or co-worker, I can read the energy in and around your connection. But it’s never OK to read someone who has not given express permission to be read.

Psychics are not predicting your future, but we do tap into the energy around your situation and will be shown from Spirit the most likely outcome, based on your current trajectory.

Can actions, beliefs, shifts that come from you, affect the outcome and change the future? Well, of course. Because your future is not written yet. You absolutely have the ability to affect outcomes. Your reader is being shown the most likely outcome, at this exact moment in time.

And this is a free-will Universe, so while I can bring through advisement from your Spirit Team, there is no right or wrong way for you to proceed. There is always choice, always.

Never. Believe it or not, that is considered medical advice without a license; it is also considered legal advice without a license. For matters of great importance, such as legal or medical issues, please consult the appropriate professionals who are licensed, in your local area.

I do not practice spells or advise my clients to pursue those avenues. This is a free-will based Universe, and there are karmic consequences of attempting to subvert the free will and/or experience of another person.

I do not practice remote viewing sessions for clients.  I receive and transmit energy in a specific way; all psychics do.  With my particular skill set, I am not led to or supported in assisting with lost articles.

It is my pleasure to connect with Spirit to bring forward information that is meant for your highest and greatest good; and even though having piles of money and ‘scamming’ would be a sure route to easy money, that’s not actually what people are chasing – they are chasing freedom. And through information Spirit shares, freedom is possible. So, nope…no lottery numbers here.

Often during a session, spirits of loved ones who have passed over will make themselves known to me. They usually have a brief message of comfort, however, I don’t go into my readings with any expectation that deceased loved ones will join us.  I actually have an amazingly accurate, loving, and trusted medium that I would love to refer you to!

A Bit More About Psychic Readings...

book a psychic reading rosalie brownBEFORE YOU BOOK A SESSION.  Listen, lovelies…readings are not about fortune telling or predicting your future. What happens in a reading is different for everyone, but more often than not, readings illuminate the possibilities that exist in THIS moment, based on the current trajectory.  We live in a FREE-WILL based Universe, and any choice that you make may reset or alter your trajectory. There is never just ONE possible outcome, we are living in an infinite and abundant Universe.

Staying in your power and determining what is best for YOU can only be done by YOU.  Intuitive readers can assist you in accessing information, but the reader is not your guru. YOU and always YOU are the best expert on your life.

And finally, it’s considered unethical for any reader to read the energy of a third party, or a person who did not express their permission. While reading for you, others will likely come up, and that’s unavoidable. Where it crosses the line is when I’m asked to share what that person is thinking, feeling, or going through. And to be UBER clear…I cannot read minds, nor would you want me to :).

I can promise you that your Spirit Guides and Spirit Tribe will share what is the most helpful for you to know, right here, right now.

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