We all loooove love, don’t we?!  So what’s my problem with doing relationship, or ‘love readings?’

Here’s the thing, it’s for a few reasons, but none of them are because I am anti-love. I am soooo pro-love! Allow me to pontificate for a few minutes. I promise I have a point. For starters, I don’t do relationship readings because:
psychic love readings

  1. Relationships involve two people. It’s poor form to read the energy of someone who didn’t give you their expressed permission.
  2. The Universe is free-will based, and people make decisions, take actions, don’t take action…they do what they do.  So what may be true about a situation on Wednesday, could shift by Thursday. 
  3. When we focus on anyone BESIDES ourselves, we are giving away our power. Your true place of power exists inside. What he or she is doing, thinking, or feeling…while it would be fun to know, it doesn’t really matter. How are YOU feeling? What are YOU thinking? It truly is about YOU.
  4. There is great beauty in non-attachment. If you set your intention toward a situation or relationship, and then allow yourself to detach from how the Universe sorts out the details…you will feel a glorious freedom.
  5. Universal timing is very different than human timing. If I give you a reading, and give you very happy relationship news, do you know what could throw the whole thing off? If you take what you hear in a reading and FOCUS on it coming to fruition. Because what we tend to do is focus on the WHEN. When is it coming? Why isn’t it here yet? And as our focus stays in the ‘absence of that thing we want’ vibration, we’re throwing up a huge wall of resistance.

Now, readings go where Spirit wants to lead…so is it likely that I will get some information about your current circumstances? YES. Does love stuff come through? YES.  Do I sit on that information and refuse to share? Absolutely not – I do share what Spirit gives me.  But I also have some experience on why life actually gets easier when you forget about the love thing, and forget about the timing, and just roll with it!

About a year ago, my life was looking groovy! I was having fun doing some new, creative work. My kids were both doing well, developing into strong, kind young women. My friendships were thriving. My relationship was so much fun – I was finally in a relationship with someone I respected, had fun with, was challenged by…this guy was definitely THE ONE.  We agreed, we were in this together. We were building something amazing, with an exciting, unscripted future.

Being a free will Universe, sometimes the other half of a partnership will decide they need to step away. And they don’t usually ask you for your opinion – they just do (or don’t do) what they need to do for them.  It sometimes doesn’t include YOU.

At least that’s what happened to me.  On a Friday I was walking high, and by Saturday morning, my world had imploded.  Ironically, it wasn’t my entire world, it was my relationship.  But it felt like the whole world.  It felt like that for a really, really long time.  You see my Mr. Wonderful ghosted me. I’d known him for 20 years, we’d been through some really beautiful explorations, and poof!  He had a melt down and he disappeared, couldn’t even have a discussion with me…it was like he entered the Witness Protection Program.  And there I was, lost, without a compass, totally married to my emotional suffering.

love readings

One of my best friends is an amazing psychic. So who else would I turn to, to get information?  I wept, cried, cringed. I asked her what happened? All the readings she had given me the prior year, pointed to Mr. Wonderful being my ‘rest of this lifetime’ partner.  And every reading, I felt the tingle in my crown, the absolute certainty she was right on target. Of course he was! I knew it intuitively, too.

So how did we both get it sooooo wrong? I was mortified about the shards of hope that were on the floor. She was mortified because she thought, ‘wow, maybe I really did get everything wrong in those readings.’  Both of us had our confidence extremely shaken. But I didn’t have time to get philosophical, I was desperate to stop feeling the yucky I was feeling. Did I use the word ‘desperate?’  What word is more dramatic than that…because that would be a more accurate adjective.

Even in the midst of my emotional melt down, she had the courage to read for me, and she said very clearly “this is not a break up. I know it feels impossible to believe at the moment, but it really isn’t a break up.” And she pulled her tarot cards and up came the card “The Lovers.”

Because it wasn’t happening RIGHT NOW, I rejected it.  It couldn’t be true, or I’d be seeing evidence of it manifesting, wouldn’t I?  I mean, c’mon Universe!  You tell my psychic that this is just a little speed bump and me and Mr. Wonderful are really going to end up back together, with everything fine…WHY AREN’T I SEEING EVIDENCE OF IT?

Are we sensing a pattern?  I couldn’t hear it, because I wanted it. NOW.  I wanted the yuck to stop. I wanted to feel amazing again. And since it wasn’t happening in human time, I ended up creating a huge resistance to the outcome I wanted in the first place. Oops.

Fast forward:  five months of really hard moments, trying to focus on something besides the absence of my relationship…one day, I finally did it.  I was able to entertain thoughts that didn’t include Mr. Wonderful. I stopped thinking about it, I stopped looking for evidence of it resolving, I quit asking my psychic friend about it. I was exhausted and knew it was finally time to stop worrying about Universal timing.

When my resistance to resolution stopped :: RESOLUTION HAPPENED.  Yes, my psychic was right all along. And the Universe did work out details for things I had no idea were taking place behind the scenes.  One year after the implosion, and here we are, we just bought a house together.  We are creating a life together, with intention, having grown into something amazing.

This isn’t about my love life. I share this with you to show how the Universe is always at work behind the scenes. And we, as humans who experience an amazing range of emotions, usually have a hard time getting out of the way and letting the Universe do it’s thang.

What is true today, might not be true on Tuesday, and it could shift into something absolutely different by Sunday. I live for love, I believe in love, and I love seeing people in love.  But I don’t do love readings, because I want you to take ownership for the love in your life.  Feel some love every day.  You don’t have to have a romantic relationship to experience love.  Love exists inside all of us – and if I could leave you with anything, it would be this: LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

When you LOVE yourself, you will never, ever run out of Love. AND, it will keep you from becoming pre-occupied with what came up during your love reading.  Or course, I won’t be the one giving you the love reading, but I will be here, cheering you on!

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