Blocks show up and make themselves at home when we have allowed an issue or challenge persist, or exist unchecked for too long. The path to removing these blocks looks a lot like this:  Name | Expose | Challenge

Name it:
This is the biggest and sometimes most challenging step. You might think that your block or challenge is: “I can’t seem to tap into financial abundance.”

Underneath the statement is a whole lotta self-sabotaging beliefs that create the foundation. What’s the foundation look like? We aren’t going to be able to demo the house if we only point the wrecking ball at the roof.
The building blocks of that limiting belief look like this (any of these or variations)
– Money seems to slip through my fingers when I get it
– I can never seem to save enough money
– No matter how hard we work, our bank balance is always disappointing
– I cannot seem to get ahead
…which is really rooted in a fear of money. Being fearful that you won’t manage it correctly, and therefore, it’s not going to stick around. And you know what would be easier than having that responsibility? Not having it. The belief and vibration is actually that keeping money just out of reach would be more comfortable and more pleasing, than having to deal with it, if it arrives.

reading energyPeople are unique like grains of sand, so the limiting belief can be around anything. But when there is a feeling of “not” getting something, it can be traced back to a resistance (or conflict) to the thought of “getting” it.

Naming it and then Exposing it are the first two steps to dissolving the block.

Name what is holding you back (as you believe it today), then challenge yourself to dig underneath the surface, and start poking at the uncomfortable stuff that’s just under the surface. Write down the fear based thoughts around the perceived block you have. It is the fear based thoughts that are holding that belief in place.

The next step is to Challenge it. You’re not going to approach it with the same lens. You are going to spend a moment looking at each of the fearful thoughts/beliefs, and you’re going to throw some glitter on it.

Is it really true, for instance, that you can’t be trusted with money? Really? I bet that’s not a factual statement. Would it be safe to dial that down from about an “8” on the resistance dial, down to a “3” for just one day? Is it possible that challenges you’ve overcome in your life have led you to the belief? Can you now Challenge that belief and start to let it dissolve?

If you feel blocked in the area of Spirit Communication, can you do this exercise and take it down to the foundation? Is it based on your fear that people will think you’re crazy? Or that you won’t know what to do with it, if you hear the messages from Spirit? Will you be stretched beyond your capacity if you somehow have new responsibilities? What if your friends and family who are people of God have a problem with it?

What are your FEARS? Those are propping up the belief that is contributing to your resistance, which has created the BLOCK.

Go through the Name/Expose/Challenge exercise every day. By the time you get to day 4, you can feel a shift in your energy.


You’ve named, exposed, challenged. YAY! Now what?

meditation for empathsYou’re going to replace the false/fear based belief with new ones. You don’t want to waste your time and energy doing this before you’ve completed Phase One. Because until you’ve taken the power and sting out of the initial fear based through, you cannot plant and sustain a new belief. It won’t grow in that soil, so tend your garden first, and let’s clear the weeds.

For the blocks you worked on dismantling, you’re going to come up with THREE, new powerful and affirming thoughts for allowing growth, prosperity and abundance in those areas.

As an example, instead of feeling blocked in Spirit Communication, you’ll shift that to
– I am a child of the Universe, receiving guidance and messages from Spirit, easily
– My connection to Spirit is always expanding, as are my abilities
– I feel at home and safe, getting messages from my Spirit Guides

Find your own words, but write down 3 affirming statements around the area you have felt blocked. Again, if you skip through the first part, it’s going to take a whole lot of work to get these seeds planted, so don’t take on this step until you are ready.

These statements should be written down where you will see them so you can refer to them throughout the day, but most especially, when you are starting your day. The reason this is so powerful is because this process is not only about AFFIRMING, but it’s very much about ALIGNING.

guidance for empaths

Alignment is the secret sauce that pulls this together. The morning is the best time, because you aren’t distracted and pulled into your mental programming that reminds you of “who you think you’re supposed to be” based on what you did and said yesterday.

Now that you’re in the affirming and aligning space – you are not only breaking the block/barrier, what you’re doing is setting yourself to be in absolute RECEIVING mode. And this affirming and aligning is going to be something that isn’t a “once in a while” thing – this becomes the rhythm of your morning, every morning, and throughout the day.

As you step into this habit, you’re creating new expectations and new thought patterns, based on affirmation and manifestation. The block dissolves as it’s replaced with a new pattern of thought.

Name | Expose | Challenge | Replace | Affirm | Align

Seriously, this six step process was handed down to me by some energetic rockstars I call my Spirit Guides. And I know this message and information is always meant for our highest, greatest good, and maximum expansion. Let me know if you need a buddy, during your process!

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