The reasons we get psychic readings is different for all of us, but the end result should always be: “I feel more empowered, enlightened, and enthusiastic about my journey.”  If a reading doesn’t provide that, then you should lean into how you’re feeling and ask if you went into it focused in the right places.

What do I mean?

I love giving readings, and I’m grateful for the beautiful and vibrant souls that show up on the path. I decline reading requests, fairly frequently, and the biggest reason is connected to the prospective client’s intent.

Psychics are all different and we practice our talents differently with an array of divination tools and channels, and of course clientele is varied as well. The agreed upon expectation or outcome of a reading really should be to offer illumination, strength, and compassion as the person makes their unique journey through this crazy life. Not to find out what Brad is thinking, or what Jennifer is going to do about XYZ.

The focus of the reading is YOU.  You are  my client – it is your energy and your path I’m being granted access to.  I’m not the all seeing, all knowing, and I don’t see a movie of every possible outcome. I’m guided to the energy around your current situation, and any insight that is permissible and ethical to share that involves others, I will bring through.  But what I won’t do is tell you what Brad is thinking — because it doesn’t matter.

It is also important to note, Brad is NOT my client. And that is an incredible breach of ethics for me to just randomly try and tap into someone’s energy, without their permission. Nor am I entitled to the thoughts, or insights of someone else.  That’s not how we place nice in the psychic space.

Possibly, more importantly, when you focus on what everyone else is doing, or their path or their focus, you essentially give up your power in that situation. You make a determination that you won’t be happy or powerful or fulfilled unless something outside of yourself and your power, happens like you want it to.  That’s giving up your power. Why would you ever do that?

My readings begin with me setting the intention to bring through helpful, accurate, illuminating and empowering information to assist you in your path, bring you peace, and allow you to focus.  That’s the kind of readings I give. I don’t apologize for it. I’m not the psychic to come to if you want to know if Ray cheated on you, if he’s talking to other women, if you’re going to get the job offer.

I’m here to shine light, go deep, not focus on the surface outcomes.  I’m not judging you for wanting to know these things; but remember, most often times, this is about the journey and if you are given information that would cause you to attempt to radically affect an outcome, it’s simply taking you out of your power, and out of the beauty and the lesson of each brick on the pathway.

Make peace with where you are, and allow for the right people to show up, at the right time, to help you figure out the next best move.

If I can assist you, I’m always up for it.

rosalie brown psychic


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