If life has taught me anything, it’s that I am rarely in control of outcomes, and most of the time it’s pretty humorous. Especially to my friends when I share the story of how I went to pick up the moving van and the guy looked me dead in the eye and said, “I can’t help you, all our vans were stolen.” Or when I successfully navigated my newly procured moving van through Los Angeles traffic, reached my destination, parked in my primo spot next to the elevator, only to be told the elevator was broken. And I’d be walking my belongings outside of the parking garage, around a corner, and up 9 flights of stairs. I mean, funny, right?

I’ve learned that even setting intentions, calling in our guides, meditating, staying present…all that stuff that’s supposed to guarantee a positive outcome, it doesn’t always work. Well, the outcome is always fine, it’s the process of getting there that can be a true comedy of errors and we have to remind ourselves, sometimes with every step of the 9 flights of stairs, “this is temporary, I’m fine.” Woosah!

But enough about me, you’re here to figure out how you can have the best day, regardless of the tomfoolery around you, or stolen moving vans, amiright?

Here’s the secret sauce: identify the core desired feelings you want to experience today. That’s it. Don’t focus on outcomes or people or miracles. How do you want to feel today? Write down two to three core feelings you want to experience.

Next, as you look at what you wrote down, reflect on WHY you want to feel those feelings.

Get in touch with your WHY.  Because the power is not in the feeling, it’s in being connected to WHY you want to feel them.

As an example: If I write down “today I want to feel wealthy,” that’s a half lit intention. It’s OK. It’s not bad. But it’s not quite all the way there, yet. When I add my WHY: “because this allows me to feel FREE” now I’ve got something.  What I’m really after is a feeling of freedom.  Freedom to do what I want, free of worry, free of doubt, and free of thoughts around money. Because it’s not money – it’s freedom that I want.

I do this often, but not often enough. I write down a minimum of 3. And I write down my WHY.  And then I sit and reflect on it for a few minutes. What happens then is I am guided and inspired to take action and do things that will allow me  to experience my core desired feelings. Some of it will be intentional while I am completely conscious. Some of it will happen on a more subconscious level. But make no mistake about it. I will make decisions and choices and set intentions today, that revolve around me experiencing those core desired feelings.

Listen kiddos, I didn’t coin this phrase or this approach – I adopted it after reading, well devouring, really, a book called The Desire Map. It truly helped me to reconnect with my fire and to give it some direction.  If you’re looking for tools that will help you to have the best day, as often as possible, consider checking it out.  I have a link to the book (nope, I’m not compensated for promoting this book)  here -> The Desire Map.

And as always, if I can help you on your journey, please get in touch!

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