So, how many readings are too many readings? I once went to my friend, or more accurately, a reader who became my close friend, very often. Like too often. And she did me the biggest favor when she told me she was cutting me off. Because I was becoming DEPENDENT on the information she shared with me. I began to value it as more helpful or accurate than my own intuition.

Quite frankly, the Universe wasn’t moving fast enough for me, and I wanted answers and VALIDATION right now, and again in a few hours, and then after that one thing happened, of course I wanted to know what was happening behind the scenes. HOLY SMOKES. I became an addict.

With grace, and I’m sure some emotional discomfort on her part, she finally told me that I was creating an energetic sh*tstorm by constantly focusing on how things were taking too long to play out. For deciding I needed daily evidence of what I wanted coming true.  And what she didn’t say was I was wearing her out. 

She was trying to help me stand in my own power; rather than turn her into my guru. My answers for all the unknown and unseen. Sometimes, often times, we are meant to go through it without shortcuts, without “inside information,” we have to LIVE it. That’s where the gift, the lessons, the real growth is…in standing in our faith that all is going to be OK, and then walking through it. She was trying to keep me from being co-dependent. Because in being co-dependent, that meant I could only be happy if my obsessive topic was turning out like I wanted it to turn out. Wowza, that’s not healthy, not fun, and not standing in my own power.

So, dear friend…I cannot and will not offer you repeated and weekly readings on the same ole shit. Because it just keeps you tied to the same ole shit. I don’t want your power, I don’t want your praise, and I don’t want to be your hero. I am simple the channel that some of the information you want, may travel through.  Standing in your own power is about trusting. Yourself and the Universe. If you put me on the pedestal, you know what happens right? I easily tip off and then you don’t likey so much.

Let’s not set up that foundation. Allow me to illuminate pathways that could use some light, and then you step in there and be with it for a while. Refer to your psychic from time to time; we are meant to empower not create dependence.

My friend did me a great favor that day – cutting  me off, making me go cold turkey.  I am not shaming anyone for wanting to know stuff, heck I’d like to know lots of stuff, but I also know, the Universe is nothing if not funny, surprising, and in control of the timing. If my choice is to fret and sweat while I wait…or roll with it and grow and play while I wait, I choose the play part.

Lighten up, and let the Universe do its thing.  You are in excellent hands!

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