Whether it’s seasonal, situational, or just a momentary feeling, none of us like feeling stuck. People can feel stuck in relationships, jobs, friendships, those are a certain kinda stuck. And then there’s the “What do I do?” or “Which direction do I move?” kinda stuck. Let’s address that sort of stuck.

I’ve found that when I feel directionless or like I’m hanging out in limbo, it’s uncomfortable. I’m a doer, a talker, a “make-it-happen” gal. When I can’t do any of those things, it doesn’t feel natural to me and I feel like I’m off my game.

The first thing I do is ask myself what I’m feeling. Is it really THAT…or is my brain just sending me a signal that I need to take a little break? Am I over-doing it? Is there a reason that I can’t move forward at the moment? Is there something more important, or even less stressful, that I am meant to be focusing on?

Once I sort that out, then I know if I just need a break, or if I need to work on my alignment. One of the fastest ways for me to come back to myself is to make a list of 10 things I’m proud of. Seriously. How often do you do that? I know we all make gratitude lists (wink) but when was the last time you made a list of all the cool shit you’ve done, created, or become?

Do it Now. List 10 things that make you proud of YOU.
1. I created two amazing humans who are out in the world, making cool stuff happen.
2. I adopted homeless pets and provide them love, comfort, and security.
3. I’m a published author.
4. I mentor others, helping them with clarity and growth, and I love every second.
5. I’m an excellent Thanksgiving chef, and cook a killer turkey.
6. I am not afraid to take risks.
7. I’m a generous, loyal friend.
8. I am an excellent listener.
9. I live authentically.
10. I am an excellent solution finder.

What’s your list look like? Does it feel weird to take note of some of your awesome sauce? Or does it feel
natural? Anytime you get stuck, take a moment to remind yourself how awesome you really are. The reason that’s
important is that it is (can’t be denied) evidence that you’re a bad ass. (In other words: you got this!)

get unstuckBeing stuck can be a gift from the Universe, because it’s an opportunity to chill out. Rest. Rejuvenate. Renew. If you don’t know where you’re going, does it make sense to get in the car and put it in drive? What would happen if you just took some time to reflect, appreciate what you’ve been doing, and pause. Hitting the pause button can be difficult when you like to be in control. (I know that’s my deal!)

Meditate. Listen to Music. Take the dog for a walk. Go to the beach. Pray. Read. Do yoga. Go for a run. Sleep. I mean, really when there’s nothing to do, say, or be…you can use that space that the Universe created for you, and do something that brings you back into alignment.

When you force things…what happens? It might end up OK in the end, but the in-between is just a huge pain in the butt! So when you feel stuck – unplug and hit the reset button. You won’t feel stuck forever, so why not take advantage of it while you can?

rosalie brown

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