Things you own. People you love. Jobs you do. These are external, separate from you. Internal looks like strength, authenticity, creativity…internal lives inside your heart space, it is the fabric of who YOU are.

When we try and control or affect the outcomes of external things, we place attachment to them.
“I’ll feel better when s/he tells me ‘I love you.'”
“I’ll be so happy when I get that sparkly thingy, that I’ve had my eye on.”
Desire + attachment = your happiness being tied to something outside of you.

Hmm, I don’t know about you, but I’ve come too far, worked too hard, meditated too long, to place my joy on things that are OUTSIDE of me.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting romantic love. Nothing wrong with wanting bright, shiny things. Absolutely nothing. You can be spiritual and have desires, strong desires! Where we sort of screw this up, is when we tell ourselves that we need those people or things to make us feel like we’ve achieved something.

finding joyHere’s a small adjustment that makes all the difference. Create the space in your life, with joy, expectation, and laughter…the atmosphere, the container, the space, for things you desire to manifest and show up for you. Don’t focus on their absence, or on the struggle you’re feeling until those things and people show up.

Let go of the struggle and give your energy a tune up. What IS working for you right now? When your energy is not weighted down with frustrations and disappointment, you’re more aligned with who you are. Your energy is lighter, it moves easier, and it attracts like energy.

The Law of Attraction is always at work, and there’s not much you gotta do, except MOVE OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! The “struggle” exists in your mind, it doesn’t live in your heart. Your heart wants what it wants, and it also knows, that damn near anything is possible. But you have to get out of your own way — stop resisting, stop trying to manage every little detail. Stop telling the Universe that you’ll only accept “it” when it looks like this or looks like that. Let the Universe do it’s job.

But more than anything — look inward. You have so many things that ARE working for you, working in your favor. Once you acknowledge that, you begin to step into your power. You are worthy, with or without a partner. You are worthy, with or without that thing. You are worthy, regardless of the title on your business card. You’ve got a powerhouse inside you, and you essentially lose all that horsepower when you hand over the keys to anything/anyone else.

If you don’t make anyone or anything responsible for your happiness, you’ll be able to tap into your joy center, I promise!

rosalie brown

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