From the time we’re old enough to understand language, we’re programmed into becoming and living up to the visions that other people hold of us. We’re born into a body and then over the span of our lifetimes, we’re told who we are…based on other people’s ideas.

So, if you could re-write your story, right NOW…who would you be? Unplug, deprogram and reject any adjective or identity that does not fit you. I can easily recall all the identities and adjectives that others gave me. Guess how many of them are positive? Not many.

I don’t think that’s a unique experience, most every human receives data about themselves from other people. So after collecting these names and adjectives and identities, how do you see yourself today? If you made a list right now, how many words in your story would be in the positive column? How many would be in the negative column?

possibilitiesIf you haven’t figured it out by now – all of this programming is utter bullshit. You’re a unique, valued, loved, amazing, vibrant being of light and star dust, my friend! And because you’re also a living, breathing, thinking being, you get to re-write your story, right here, right now.

Take 3 minutes and without giving it much thought, write a quick “bio” – you know, those silly little narratives that are on book covers, and websites (did you check mine out yet?). Begin with your name, and just start writing, and don’t worry about spelling, grammar or errors.

When you’re finished, look over your bio. Read it aloud. What kind of words did you use to describe yourself? How do you feel seeing those words on paper? How do the words sound, hearing them aloud? Do you sound like someone that you’d want to know?

If you were to write a bio of the person you WISH to be this year, would you have to change what you just jotted down? Some small edits? Total overhaul?

Pay attention to the words you use to identify yourself. Are they yours? Do you believe them? Do they make you feel good? Remember that you get to rewrite your story at any point. You are the architect of your life, and it doesn’t matter how much programming you went through, today is your day. Today is the day you can decide what you want your bio to look like. What you want your LIFE to look like.

If your bio doesn’t feel like it really fits you – try another exercise. Write the bio of the person you’re going to be in 1 year. Will it sound similar to the one you just wrote? What’ll be different?

Remember my lovelies, you are constantly writing your story. You get to create, edit, and enjoy every freakin’ minute of it!

rosalie brown

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