I spent the first half of my professional life making others look good. Always putting them in the spotlight, coining a perfect phrase for whatever issue was coming up – a logistics issue, an organizational talking point, an on-the-fly media interview.  That, coupled with my ability to read people’s energy, I can spot a lotta bullshat pretty easily. People get extremely focused on the costume around what it means to be spiritual. What does it look like to be living as a spiritual advisor or mentor? Or what do psychics look like, how do they act and talk?  YOU. They Look Like You. Don’t believe otherwise.

Ugh.  I am so over the bullshit. Because it keeps real people from doing the real work, and from opening up, awakening and expanding on their natural psychic abilities.

Yeah, I get it…eating clean and organic and wearing clothes made of hemp and dancing to a moon ritual with crystals in our hair…sure does look mystical, right? What if it’s just that person’s idea of what this is supposed to look like? What if you could just be YOU, exactly as you are – junk food eating, swearing, Target clothes wearing, drinking, smoking, skateboarding, couch surfing YOU? And YES, have the ability to not only speak to your Spirit Guides, but also receive clear guidance back?  Wouldn’t that make this feel easier, more authentic, more real?

When I knew I wanted to offer readings to be of assistance to people, I stayed in the Woo-Woo closet for a long time. Because I wasn’t into the costume. I wasn’t into the back story behind the psychic abilities thing. I drank the Kool Aid and thought I had to look, act, BE something I wasn’t, in order to be in alignment with what a spiritual person looked like.

I see it on Etsy all the time. The crystal balls, the burning incense, the mythical lithographs in the background.  Look, I’m not saying these people who fall so in love with their costumes are not legit — I’m saying that’s a choice they are making. The rest of us can choose not to make that choice. The paths to spiritual connection are limitless, wide open, and look anyway we want them to.

So don’t let someone else’s version of what “awakening” looks like keep you from seeing your very own magic.

rosalie brown psychic

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