The details. The narrative. Where you’ve been.  Staying tied to where you are, the why, the who, the how come…these are the reasons for struggle.

What do I mean?

I give readings to wonderful people from around the world, on a regular basis. The biggest challenge between getting from where you stand right now, to where you want to be — your need to stay tied to the details of your current perspective.

Do you know that when you do this, you hold yourself right in the place you’re at — and you are willing the Universe to keep you right where you stand? Not make it better, not allow for improvements, just more of the same.

You HAVE to be willing to let up the reigns on what your current reality looks like. It doesn’t matter to the psychic who is giving you the reading, all the dirty details. Do we, as readers, need some context so we can bring you accurate, helpful information? YES. But what we often see is the person requesting the reading is looking for a specific outcome, without doing their work. What’s their work? Dreaming bigger, allowing something new, being willing to drop their idea on what reality needs to look like,

I can only share with you, that which you are willing to hear. You can’t create or manifest a happy life when you’re tied to unhappy thoughts. You have to be willing to drop the details, open your mind and heart that there are better things coming, and then move out of the way. The Universe can then step in, and make the magic happen.

It doesn’t matter why Bob does what Bob does; it doesn’t matter that your boss thinks or says ABC…what matters is: are you ready to let go of your perspective, which helped to create your current situation, and let something new take place?

When you’re ready, I’m here.

rosalie brown psychic

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