Psychics Give Psychics a Bad Name.

negative psychic reviews EtsyAs someone who is in regular communication with Spirit, I love what I do, and my goal when working with a client is not to “be right,” but to be of service. I am human and face challenges and struggles like everyone else. There are times when I will use the services of a psychic. If it’s a topic that I’ve asked my trusted psychic friends to read on previously, I’ll often times peruse Etsy to find a new voice, a new perspective, a new reader. And almost every time I do this, I get deflated. Because it’s really clear to me what is wrong with the industry.

Too many psychics are not actually connecting with Spirit or your or my Spirit Guides. They are receiving your question and having a knee jerk reaction that comes from THEM. Their responses are often “advice” based on their own human experience. Let me explain what I mean…

I have a personality, I have knee-jerk reactions – it’s human. You can call that ego, but really it’s just my reaction to information I’m getting from another human. When I give a reading, I step outside of my personality and my human perception, and I connect with my Spirit Guides. I ask them to flow to me information for the client that is accurate, compassionate, and illuminating. I bypass ME. You aren’t coming to me for my advice; you’re coming to me as a client because you expect me to be the catalyst that brings forth the information from Spirit that you are unable to access yourself.

There’s a difference between asking a friend or coworker, “hey, what would you do in this situation?” and paying a psychic to flow information that remains hidden for you. Because the information they are meant to share with you, is supposed to originate and flow through, from Spirit/Source/psychic connection.

When I receive a reading and it’s obvious the psychic is using their own base of knowledge or their own opinions – it is crystal clear. I am fluent in the language of Spirit and I know the language my Spirit Guides use. I don’t’ expect every psychic to have a relationship with my Spirit Team and suddenly take on the characteristics or communication style of my Spirit Team; but I know the difference between “this came from Spirit” and “this is what this person thinks they know.” Sadly, when I read through Etsy reviews of so many psychics, it’s clear to me that the average person may not know the difference. I see 5 star reviews for psychic readers who deliver one and two sentence “readings” with zero context, or psychic readers who use absolutes in their readings.

Got news for you, friend. There is nothing absolute that comes in from Spirit. There are way too many possibilities and probabilities in every single situation that takes place in this dimension for there ever to be absolutes. Don’t get me started on free-will and how quickly energy shifts and new possibilities are born in every second.

Just this week, I received a really sub-par reading from an Etsy psychic. Because I have an Etsy shop myself, I usually do one of two things. I either don’t leave a review at all, because I don’t like dragging someone’s Etsy ratings. Or, the lowest level of review I will leave is 3 stars, even if it was the worst reading of my life, for the same reason. People on Etsy are hustling to make sales, and reviews really do help fuel their shop’s popularity and their revenues.

Initially, I wasn’t going to leave a review for this particular psychic. I saw how defensively and aggressively (after I purchased my reading) that she responded to any reviews that could be construed as criticism. Our egos are bruised when we get negative feedback, I’ve had two 3 star reviews, and about a dozen 4 star reviews since 2019 and I know how they knocked me off my high horse for a hot minute. I don’t like to do that to others. However, this time was different.

What I really wanted to do was leave a one star review because it was so obvious this woman didn’t connect with Spirit, she just shared her opinions. When I first received the reading I was polite, as I am want to do, believe it or not. I thanked her for her prompt delivery and said something to the effect of, you may be right about that particular facet, thank you. Again, not trying to spread negativity, but find a bright star in the $30 I had just wasted. If it went to support her and her family, really the money wasn’t wasted, it just wasn’t an experience I could recommend to others.

stepping out of egoIt weighed on my heart – be honest, or simply ignore this. And I came to the realization that an ego can be wildly out of balance when it keeps us from communicating our truth, just as much as it can be out of balance when we prop ourselves up and believe we are untouchable. I’m not trying to live a small life, where I silence my own truth, in order to prevent someone else from being uncomfortable.

I left my 3 star review, without comment, which I was sure would trigger a message from the Etsy psychic. Oh, did it. I laid out why it wasn’t an experience that I would repeat, where I had found fault in the reading and delivery. I also shared I wasn’t interested in aggression or her defensiveness, but was sharing my true experience. This could have been a teachable moment.

Welp, I received the response I expected. She was without blame, the issue was me, and I am to never contact her again. When I messaged her that her defensiveness was keeping her from seeing where the reading went in the wrong direction, she told me my ego was out of control and to get bent.

This is what the Etsy psychic reading experience has turned into. People with tarot decks, or “strong spidey senses” who take money for their opinions or random tarot card pulls, and then if there’s a problem, YOU are the problem. Psychics with such thin skin, who only respond to glowing and over the top praise, these are the psychics you must stay away from. They are giving the entire industry a bad name. Because they simply cannot be wrong. Which is really quite sad.

Psychic readers are not here to “be right.” They are meant to help, to bridge the information deficit, illuminate what you can’t see for yourself. When they fail to do that, as with any other service, you get to let them know, “hey, this didn’t land for me,” and you shouldn’t feel like you have to defend your experience.

Sometimes a fantastic reader might not be a good energetic match for you, and usually the psychic can pick that up right away. It is their responsibility to tell you so, and return your money. When this happens to me, I will gently guide the client toward a psychic I do trust, and explain it’s not personal, our energies just are not flowing together in a way that I can deliver what the client wants. That’s not ego, that’s having integrity and keeping true to the entire point of using my psychic connection.

I am often elated and walking on a cloud – giving psychic readings is such a beautiful experience for me, and most of the clients I am privileged to work with, really enrich my life. As a client, the tables being turned, I understand that every psychic reading is different, uses different connection strategies, and different delivery styles. Being a psychic doesn’t make you impervious to mistakes or missteps. Being a psychic also doesn’t give you an elevated platform from which you should condescend or belittle people. It’s so sad to me when I run into these “psychics,” because I know that means a large audience is also running into these “psychics.”

It saddens me that “psychics” are who give psychics a bad name.

If you are using psychic on Etsy or through a platform that allows reviews, I encourage you to note, before you purchase, how they handle negative reviews. Most every psychic is going to get a review that’s less than glowing. Notice how they navigate and resolve the situation, publicly. Because you can be sure there were conversations behind the scenes, client-to-psychic, that took place. And if the client was still compelled to leave a neutral to negative review, this is a caution flag. If the psychic reader responds with rational and compassionate language, this is likely about unmet expectations or a miscommunication overall. This shouldn’t preclude you from hiring this psychic. If they are defensive or aggressive in any way in their public response, this gives you real insight into how elevated their egos truly are, and trust me when I tell you…If they are spending that much time in their ego, they ain’t spending much time in the spiritual/psychic realm.

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