I love, love, love giving readings and bringing through messages for people who are looking for some guidance. I am only the vehicle in which the message comes through — it’s your guides and spirit team who are providing the information. It’s always an honor for me, and I am personally impacted by every reading I give.

I’ve mentioned this before…readings can be addictive. Not only giving them, but getting them.  I always caution folks to allow some time and space to occur between readings, because quite frankly — this amazing Universe of ours, it has it’s own idea of time and manifestation and what is meant for you, will always find you. WHEN IT’S BEST FOR YOU. Not necessarily when you want it.

But probably more importantly, this is a free will Universe. And you don’t get to hand the reigns over and say “fix me, heal me, make it better, and do it now.”  Don’t get me wrong, manifestations can and do happen rapid quick, when we’re in alignment. But often times, people come to me for a reading when they are all kinds of “out of alignment.” They are hoping for a quick, easy answer or message that will solve all their problems.

It doesn’t work like that.

See, we’re human and we have free will. We have control over our own lives, minds, thoughts, feelings, and expectations. So, that’s the good news. It’s also the frustrating news. I can’t provide a silver bullet if you will, or magic pill that you ingest, and then BAM! All is perfect and butterflies and rainbows and unicorns abound.

You’ve got to line yourself up with your intention and shift into receiving mode. You still have to walk, talk, eat, sleep, and be. The Universe is like an operating system for your smart phone — it’s always operating in the background, doing it’s job…but you still have to do the human stuff.

If you’re chronically depressed, upset, or really struggling with your life circumstances, there is no reason to avoid speaking to a professional. And I don’t mean a professional psychic. I mean a person who is trained as a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist…a mental health professional.  Because we all need help sometimes. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s an amazing opportunity to release, receive, and feel better.

I’m all for taking the steps you need to make yourself feel better. In fact, I strongly encourage it. But I’m a psychic, I’m not a mental health pro. I want you to experience the best version of your life that you possibly can.

It’s challenging for me when clients are consistently feeling low, and come to me, seeking answers about the same themes. My human/personality/ID side struggles. Because I want to tell you… take a deep breath. Ground yourself. Cry. Express. Sleep. Dream. Awake. Rinse and repeat. Get into a slightly better feeling place emotionally and energetically, and allow for slightly better outcomes. One day at a time.

See, the magic is in YOU. The ability to take care of yourself and connect with your spirit team, is totally within your wheelhouse. No one can do that for you.

I can cheer you on. I can share messages with your guides. I can offer a small level of comfort. But if you are chronically facing the same conditions, with little movement, it’s time for you to step into the driver’s seat and take control. You can do this – you need to do this – your spirit team wants you to do this.

Please take care of yourself, and if you’re struggling, reach out. Humans are pretty good at this stuff, I promise!

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