I truly believe that all psychic readers do it differently. The information comes to all of us in a unique way, and we translate the message for the person sitting in front of us. Whether you get the messages through sound, images, knowing, feeling…you can always develop your underutilized communication channels and expand your communication highway.

My friend and uber talented medium, Deana, uses a technique called a “Reading Room.” This technique involves the reader creating a space, energetically, for a visiting spirit to come in and “take a load off.” It’s one of the most effective and easy to put into practice methods I’ve ever used. (You can visit this link to have the Reading Room technique emailed to you as a PDF!).

getting messages from spiritI am going to share a technique that many of my psychic friends have been asking about – imagery.

This one was difficult for me, initially. I get my information by simply asking a question and then moving my personality out of the way. The information floods to me, in a way I can’t describe, essentially it’s just a “knowing.” It ain’t sexy, but it works.

Welp, that wasn’t exciting enough for me, I wanted to add a dimension to my experience. And here is how I did it.

I have a window shade in my bedroom. It faces the ocean and on a sunny day I will draw it so it keeps the sun out of my eyes. I began using that window shade as a movie screen and projecting the messages onto the window shade.

First, I did the usual get quiet, power down, visualize a black movie theater screen thing. As my thoughts raced through my mind, I turned them into the image of a locomotive speeding across the screen. Every thought I had became a train and each would speed across the screen, and away from my consciousness. This allowed me to begin my session with a blank canvas.

I asked Spirit to download the information for me using visuals (this was an added element for me) and as the information came into my consciousness, I projected the images onto the blank movie screen (window shade) in front of me. It took some practice to maintain my concentration, initially and hold my gaze there, but…once I forgot myself, the images started flowing much like watching a short video clip.

Sounds groovy, right? What if you need a bridge between getting the messages and projecting the images? I started by asking for colors. That was something simple I could focus on. I would then ask what the color meant (we all have our own personal language with Spirit). I’d ask for a corresponding feeling in my body – and I could tell based on how the energy showed up for me, what the sensation corresponded to. I built my spirit database quickly, by asking and then being open to the answer.

If I had trouble with something, I’d pause and ask for a re-fire – send it again, I’d say aloud. I was patient with myself and asked for confirmation along the way. Confirmation for me comes in the form of tingles or the sensation of my face being touched. This is one reason it’s important to be comfortable in your body, because you end up having a much easier time sensing energies that aren’t emanating from yourself.

When you’ve mastered the receiving of the information, you can play with the method of delivery. I still primarily just “know” things, but in pushing myself to develop and master new skills, I’ve discovered that there is no ONE right way for any of us. The path is unique and textured and colored differently for everyone.

The one thing that does remain true, no matter which methods you use is – Spirit is always talking to us. The methods that you use to receive the messages, are totally up to you.

Let me know if I can help!
rosalie brown psychic medium

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