The idea of destiny versus free-will is an important one to work out for yourself, especially if you’re going to give readings to other people. Because people who want readings will come to you with expectations, and sometimes those expectations are that you are going to use your psychic guidance to look at their life map and tell them, “hang on, Carol…in 37 days, you’ll find a quarter on the ground, you’ll walk into the coffee shop on Elm St., drop it into the tip jar, and that’s when the love of your life, suddenly appears from behind the counter, smile on his lips, twinkle in his eye….” Omergah. Carol, I’m not a fortune teller.

Do you know all the stuff that is gonna happen in the next 37 days to get you to where you wanna go? Nope? Me either. Because there are infinite possibilities to shift your trajectory over those 37 days, and NO ONE’S future is written in stone. And again, as a psychic I’m not telling you your future, because your future hasn’t happened and the steps and path you will take to fulfill your life theme has so many possible outcomes – but rest assured, you will fulfill what you came here to do.

i am not a mind readerOk, so if I’m not a fortune teller (nobody is, nobody!), then what’s the point of getting a reading? I am able to feel and see and be shown your energy, and the most probable outcome of experiences and situations, based on the trajectory. And if your guides or my guides, or an Arch Angel, determine it is in your highest, best interest, they’ll give me a whole lotta information to pass on and share.

The naysayers in my life have always asked me, “so if you are psychic, why didn’t you see this coming, or that coming, or what about the lottery?” Well, since you asked…what I’m about to say rings true for you, for me, for all of us…We DON’T get to have information that is going to keep us from doing what we came here to do. We have to be human. We have to collect experiences. We have to do the things, think the thoughts, develop the belief systems, and do the stuff that makes us human. We don’t get short cuts.

What a psychic reading does for you, for me, for your client, is provides a link of communication from our dimension to the next. We can bring forward messages that you are most meant to hear, to receive, to have your heart touched by. I don’t make the rules, I just open up and bring forward the messages that your guides have determined will enable you to move forward on your path, in the way that is most beneficial for you.

So, I’m sorry Carol…I can’t read your mind. I do feel your energy. I feel your pain, I feel your happy, I feel your hope. I feel it all. Which is probably why I’m exhausted about 80% of the time. But I also see the light in you, I see the possibilities, I see the growth, the thirst, the passion. And connecting you to your passion and your best possible outcomes, and the things that light you up – that, that is why I feel fortunate beyond measure.

Nope, I can’t predict your future…but I can help you get in there and really touch, taste, and feel the amazing bright light you are, and assist you on your path. I live for it!
rosalie brown psychic medium

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