I’m not sure when being sensitive started to be considered a weakness, but here we are in 2019, and you and I know that being called ‘sensitive’ is not generally  a term of endearment. But what’s so bad about being sensitive? Nothing, really…except for everything.

The hard part of being sensitive, and I’m talking empath and vibe reading sensitive… is everything and everyone can throw us some unexpected shade and then, bloooop, down the rabbit hole of mental and emotional torture we go! Doesn’t take much, does it?

So here is the thing, my friend. We must be aware of our own energetic boundaries at all times. We must be on top of the mental clutter, and we must take control of our own energy.  I’ve caught myself edging toward full blown panic attacks, worrying about stuff that hasn’t even happened yet.

There are many tools in our tool belts we can access, when we remember they are there!  Here are some tips and strategies for facing the world as a sensitive person:

First, call your energy back to self. Imagine your body covered in magnets, and call your energy back to self. Seriously, this quick visualization is so powerful if you will envision your energy returning back to you and filling your body up with your own goodness.

Second, do a quick grounding exercise. You can get really elaborate and do a full blown meditation as well, but in a pinch, you can envision roots coming out of the bottoms of your feet, and planting those suckers down into mama earth. It can be that simple, but make sure you also envision your energy flowing from your root, into the ground.

be brave be strongOK, now we are standing just a bit taller, yes?  We have called our energy back, we’ve grounded, and now we just breathe.  Allow our thoughts to fade away.  Gently, just dissipate, without judgement, fading off like morning fog dissipates as the sunlight hits.  Think about nothing, not one thing, for just a couple of minutes. Imagine a blank black chalkboard if that’s helpful. When a thought or anxious moment tries to bully its way in, imagine a huge eraser simply removing the thought or worry, in a gentle but firm motion.  This is a mental reset.

Much of our time is spent projecting and making up stories to help things ‘make sense.’ We become the micro-managers of every second of our day. The vibe comes, then we launch a thought so we can deal with the vibe. Hit the pause there and see if you can’t acknowledge the thought or worry, and then let it dissipate. Your energy flows where your intention goes – clever, right? But true. So being mindful in the very moment that your ego and your ‘brain’ are about to take over, allows for a quick game of “Is this true or not?”

Another question to ponder in that moment: “is this how I want to feel?” Adjust accordingly.

Act as an observer, taking notice of the people and experiences around you. If your brain is not being asked to catalog and judge these people and experiences, then you get to act as a witness…you can observe without calling it into your own experience. Observing allows you to keep dominion over your own energy, and don’t actually have to participate in the event.

It’s easy when you’re in relationship, whether it’s with a lover or a boss or a family member, to focus on the emotions and vibes of the other person. After all, they are emitting them, right? We are programmed from childhood to be sensitive to other people and their needs. But I mean, hasn’t this programmed us to put our own needs, wants, and emotional health on the back burner? To become a receiver or receptacle? Shouldn’t our focus be on transmitting the energy, intention, and vibes of how we want to experience our day?

If the emotions and actions (or non-actions) of others are affecting your experience – it’s time to hit the reset button. You could surround yourself with a bubble of white light, and I’ve done this before when traveling or going to a place where I expect tons of energy to be swirling around (ie grocery store). But what I’m talking about is making a shift, a permanent shift in how you go through your day.

reading energyOwn your energy. Transmit the vibes you want to experience for yourself.  Allow the other person to have their experience, but their experience is unique to them. You don’t have to take things personally, nor do you need to create an entire narrative around a situation. How freeing would it feel to just let THEM be them, and YOU be you?

If the spouse is in a mood, let them be in a mood. Set your energetic boundary, and set your intention. Use affirmations if they help. The goal is to keep your focus on SELF. But strong SELF. Intentional SELF.  As empaths, we will have vibes and energy coming at us all the time, so the coping skills we use can actually reframe things, and allow us a moment of self-reflection. “Where is my energy right now? Do I need to call it back to self?”

So much of what I share on these pages goes back to our energy. But my friend, that is the place where your power exists.  Stand, breathe, and know…that in the NOW, you have everything you need. You have your energy, intention, and the support of the Universe.  Stand taller, be intentional, feel your strength.

Today is yours ~ decide how you want to feel, and then let no one else, no bad vibes, no silly experience…let none of those become more important than how you wish to feel.

rosalie brown

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