Being a human, we’re inherently connected to other humans. Soul tribes? Sure, I do believe we travel in our own sort of wolf packs, and we tend to connect with the same souls, different circumstances, lifetime after lifetime. But stepping back to something more simple ~ let’s talk about how connections in this lifetime can be tough.

If you’re an empath or highly sensitive person, and most all psychics most certainly are, the vibes around us are really important. When there is discord or disharmony, boyyyy do we feel it.  On a physical level, quite often. In summation, when I have yuck going on around me, I feel like 170 degrees of yuck and it’s difficult to shake.

Sure, I have a few tools – I can call all my power back to self; I can ground; I can meditate; I can nap or day dream or stuff  my face or drink too much coffee or… Oops! Spiral!  That ever happen to you?

When I’m in a troubling spot with another human, I’ve found that it’s really helpful for me to add a PAUSE and then challenge myself: How much am I projecting? How much am I actually experiencing?

Stay with me, my friend.  We create emotional survival techniques. Sure, maybe it’s our ego that does this, but regardless, we create strategies to cope with emotionally traumatic situations.  We take a thought or a fear and we give it a voice. We create a narrative of an event or experience that hasn’t even happened. And guess what? That becomes our reality.

So, now, we’re clinging to an imaginary tale that we’ve told ourselves, and we normalize it. Is this the recipe for crazy making, or what?

guidance for empathsAs an example, I have a disagreement with my partner. We both storm out of the room and go our separate ways for the day.  I then begin to decide what his thoughts were, when he said XYZ.  I decide his intent. I become the expert on what his motivations were. And now, I’m off to the races. I’ve created an entire narrative. Mind you, we haven’t spoken all day, but I’ve been having conversations all day ~ with myself, creating the plot, the motivation, the story arc, the outcome…ugh, I’m exhausted. What a day.

In reality, I’ve projected all over the damn place, and now I’ve altered my reality.  Do you know why people get psychic readings? Because they want to receive objective, helpful, and accurate information.  When we make up an entire narration of a situation that hasn’t even happened yet…what about that is objective, helpful, or accurate?

What’s my point? This.  When and if you find yourself struggling with an interaction, especially if you’re not in communication with that other person, DO NOT write the narrative, DO NOT fill in the void.  Take a breath. Ground yourself. Meditate, nap, or do some self-care. But for the love of  Spongebob Squarepants, do not throw all your energy and anxiety into an imaginary situation.  There is no power in that.  In fact, it’s a perfectly awful way to waste a day: imagining uncomfortable or yucky things that don’t even exist.  See how nuts this sounds?

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on the internet. What I do know is that psychics, intuitives, channels, mediums, us light worker type folks…we have very sensitive systems. When we are able to use tools to keep ourselves feeling like we’re in our power, we can much more easily be of service to others.

Much love to you! And if you feel stuck, please reach out!

rosalie brown


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