Fear is a thief of joy. Fear is a liar. Fear gets in the way of receiving the things we’re wanting. Fear is one form of resistance. What would your life look like if you weren’t letting fear have a seat at the table?

Imagine what your life would look like if you were fearless. Being fearless allows you to open up and expand. It allows for possibilities to emerge, for the energetic space to open.  What can we do when fear creeps in?

Recognize it.  Call it by its name. Claim your fear. Accept it.  Then, challenge it.

“Is this true?”

“Do I have all the information?”

“How is this showing up in my body?”

How do you experience fear? For me, it becomes a nervous, constricting energy in my body. Then my mind starts swirling. And I shut down. That’s right, I shut myself down to any new information or possibilities. Fear can be a sneaky bastard that begins with a whisper, or it can bully itself right through your front door.  It wants your attention and your energy.

cool tools for empathsI am not one who believes you can positive think your way out of a feeling or a mindset. Wishful thinking is beautiful and I encourage everyone to use their imagination to experience the freedom that comes with that light, wispy thought.  While the Universe is responding to you, it doesn’t respond to your words ~ it responds to your vibes, your energy.  So it’s not going to be enough to deny fear, and speak of courage. The only way through fear, is through.

Meet it. Accept that it has come to pay you a visit. Do not punish or judge yourself for allowing fear in. Fear is an opportunity to release thoughts and ideas that no longer serve you. Fear is like that box of darkness that no one wants to open, but once they do…if they can see it as a gift, they can grow through it.

What is this fear challenging inside of you? Is fear keeping you small? Staying small means people don’t see you, you can skate under the wire. Fear might mean avoiding other people; if you avoid them, they can’t hurt you. Fear could also look like pushing ideas and people away: “it’ll never work out anyway, so why even go there?”

Name your fear and become clear on the pain points it is touching in you. Without judgment decide if your life would expand into something different and better, if fear was not taking up so much space.  I am going to bet you, that if you’re honest, you agree that the stuff you want sits on the other side of the fear.

When you challenge the fear and own up to it, you have the opportunity to shed light on it. Doing this will make it much smaller. Shine as much of your light on that fear as you can. Is this true? Yes? Why is it true? Keep pushing yourself to have that inner dialogue, and be brutally honest. We do things that serve us emotionally, so perhaps holding onto the fear has become a coat of protection. Now, what if we stepped out of that protection and challenged that limiting belief? What could life look like without it?

Every single one of us has had to be courageous in this human experience. We often forget the times that we stood tall and conquered an experience. We spend more time worrying about what may come, rather than what we have navigated with grace.  But if you’re still here, on this human plane, you’ve already accomplished so much! What would make you think that a child of the Universe, such as yourself, could not also conquer this?

When we are in a dark room, we turn on the light. That’s what I’m tasking you to do, when the darkness shows up. Do not let fear become bigger than it truly is. Fear is just a conversation, an internal dialogue, a challenge, waiting to be mastered.  Remember that your power is in the NOW, and in calling up your own evidence of your accomplishments.  Fear is an opportunity to release chains that are keeping you stuck in place.

If you find yourself ready to challenge fear ~ I encourage you to reach out. None of us have to slay our dragons alone!

rosalie brown





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