The cool thing about being human is that we are energetic senders and receivers! Also, the hardest thing about being human is that we’re senders and receivers 🙂 right?!  I talk a lot about keeping your energy in check, pulling it back, keeping it high vibing, because what you transmit has a pretty direct correlation to the kind of day you have. That snowballs into keeping your head right, your heart light, and more…so yeah, it’s kinda important!

As a receiver, it’s important that you trust what you’re getting.  I am often asked, “How do I know it’s Spirit, and not my imagination?” 

Let’s dive into that a bit.  When you come from a place of calm, when you have your energy in check, when you feel grounded and aware of your energy…you are in a perfect place to differentiate between a thought that originates from yourself, and what is shared from Spirit.  This is why I nudge people to get themselves in a good space, before they start tapping in.

It doesn’t have to include rituals or meditation, although some people will meditate to CALM their minds and their energy.  That, I agree with. But I’m going to say something that a lot of psychics may not agree with…I NEVER MEDITATE BEFORE GIVING A READING.  Why? Because I need my energy to be up. Calming my mind…sure. But I don’t want to be in a relaxed state, because I need my energy level to be up up up, so I can lean into the other person’s energy and get downloads from Spirit.  Now, that’s MY thang, you may disagree; but we can agree that you gotta have a calm mind to give a reading.

When my mind isn’t racing and jumping from place to place, I notice when thoughts appear.  I’ve given enough readings that I don’t doubt what I get, but it’s incredibly normal to be unsure or have doubts. I say,  always trust what you’re getting.  Oddly enough, that advice isn’t usually enough for people 😀   So, let’s assume you need something more than my online assurances…

psychic trainingDevelop a language with Spirit.  Here’s what I mean…90 percent of the time, when I give someone a reading, I first feel energy in my body.  I feel sensations in my body that mean something TO ME.  When I get a thick feeling in my throat, Spirit is telling me that the person I’m reading is having a difficult time communicating  When I feel a sharp pain near my eyes or in my temple, I can tell the person is struggling with seeing the truth about something… I feel energetic sensations that are sending ME a message, about the person in front of me.  That person might not feel anything in their body, it’s Spirit communicating their issues to me, in a way that I can understand.

I’ve been paying attention to the energetic messages enough that I have built up a language with Spirit.  When I’m speaking with someone and I feel a tingling in my legs, I can tell it’s time for them to take action, or get moving. I integrate the energetic information and what it means to ME, with the energy that the reader brings as well.  Again, I have confidence in my method, but even when I was first getting started, I knew I had to trust anything that came through, that was emanating from outside of myself. That was Spirit talking to me.

After the initial energy “feels” in my body, I’ll start to know things, and information will flow to me, and through me.  That’s key.  I don’t try and rationalize or reason with the information; it flows to me and I pass it on.  If I get in my head, then I’m not sharing Spirit, I’m sharing what I think about things. And as gripping as my story telling can be, people come to me to hear from Spirit.

As you develop your abilities, own your awesomeness. That’s a good place to start.  Then, make sure you are super aware of, and in control of, your energy. Get your head clear, so you aren’t distracted by thoughts racing around. This will help you recognize energy in your body that isn’t yours.  The language you develop with Spirit is unique to you…it could be images, sensations, a knowing, hearing.  Your clairvoyance is as unique as your fingerprint.

I hope you have fun with all of this, and you trust! Remember, you’re getting the information for a reason. If you need help cracking the code, let me know. I’m here to support and guide you if you want it 🙂

rosalie brown

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