I had the pleasure of connecting with a gorgeous soul, today. I am fortunate that a good deal of my time is spent connecting with Spirit and with humans who want to feel closer to Spirit, receive the downloads from their guides, or who want to develop their abilities further.  I can’t overstate how lucky I feel when this happens.

During our session we were discussing how overwhelmed with awesome we feel when we help others to hear Spirit’s message for them. Whether it’s a psychic reading, mediumship session, a development course…all of it, it just lights us up inside. And my gal pal felt a little guilty. She thought it was her ego making her feel so good, doing something good for another person.

So many of us are programmed as humans that if it makes US feel good, then we’re doing it for OURSELVES. We are supposed to be 100 percent self-less.  Which is 100% bullshit.

If it feels good – it must be our ego.  Talk about the guilt trips we give ourselves!

First off, anything you can do that lights you up inside and makes you feel good – DO MORE OF IT. You are here to love your life. And doing something for you is exactly what you’re supposed to do.

soul's journeySecondly, why is it a bad thing that doing a nice thing for someone makes YOU feel good? (Read that again, slowly. Its worded poorly, and it’s also kinda important)… How is that bad, exactly? If it makes two people feel good, it’s wrong, because only ONE of you is supposed to feel good? Um, what? Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, does it?

Now, lets get further into that…feeling good, or grateful, or alive, or awake, or blissful, after you give someone a reading, does not mean you’re in your ego. I repeat, YOU ARE NOT IN YOUR EGO.  You, my friend, are home. That’s why it feels so damn good. You are spending time in Spirit, with your guides, with your soul tribe…and for a short time, you are blissfully home where everything is beautiful and high vibing and amazing.  You’re home.

That highly awakened and blissful state is gorgeous, and it’s my favorite place to be.  If you’re giving readings, I believe you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s a better high than you can get anywhere else. It’s pure, and it’s home ~ the place from where your soul came, and who doesn’t love hanging out there?!

So, the next time you give a reading and you feel awash in awesome, understand that your ego doesn’t have anything to do with it. You got to bask in pure love and light, and for a moment your soul was back home.  Enjoy that. Savor it. Don’t apologize for it.

rosalie brown



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