When you come out of the closet and begin letting people know that you see dead people, or that you get messages from Spirit, you’ll be at your most vulnerable. I’ve written before about the gift of vulnerability, and I truly believe there is something uniquely beautiful about exposing yourself in that way. It’s also a good bet that you’re going to be exposed to a whole caveat of reactions: support, disbelief, curiosity, envy, and the list goes on.

Here’s the one thing I cannot abide ~ I do not believe there is just one path to spirituality or connection with spirit. There are those out there who believe that you have to perform specific rituals; I do not. There are those who believe you have to spend years studying; I do not. Those who believe you have to spend $5,000 on a weekend retreat; I do not. If these things speak to you, then pursue them, and take what you need from them. It’s all about you and finding the methods and practices that help you get connected and stay connected.

I’m always intrigued to hear about people’s different journeys – I think that’s how we grow and how we create and maintain authentic connections. I want to encourage you to always use your intuition and your discernment when you come across people who want to read your energy or who want to educate you on spiritual connection. Yes, you should be discerning with me, too ūüôā In fact, anyone who wants you to grow, expand, and develop your spiritual abilities should be encouraging you to be discerning.

We all have unique beliefs ~ unique experiences ~ unique abilities. There is NOT ONE PATH to Spirit.

spiritual pathI am an evidence based person, and that could be why I denied my psychic abilities for many years. I wasn’t so keen on the faith based “just roll with it” approach. I still walk in the fuzzy area in-between. I believe, but I so appreciate validation. That’s how I start off my readings, I tap in, get some basic information for the person I’m reading, allow them to validate before I go deeper, and then dive in. (See, you can be a fan of evidence, and be a reader!)

Recently, someone I saw as a spiritual teacher, really disappointed me. It was more than disappointment really, she gave me a really cruel, uncalled for verbal attack. (Let’s be honest, there really is never an appropriate time for a verbal attack, especially when we ‘talkin Spirit, am’iright?) It was based on her belief that there was only one way to Spirit – HER WAY. How dare I pursue my own interests and beliefs? She went as far as to tell me that she was so powerful, she could “destroy me” just by thinking about it.

Say What?
Someone has been watching way too many Tolkein movies, or spent too many hours binge watching Game of Thrones.

The ideology that there is one way to Spirit, doesn’t fit for me. People saying weirdo stuff like, “I’ll curse¬†you” or “I’ll destroy you” — these people have zero place in your life. I’m pretty sure they aren’t actually¬†communicating with Spirit, I’m convinced they are trapped in their egos and possibly need some counseling. Not¬†that the all knowing OZ would accept help, but I can choose to ignore these Spiritual Gangsters. Because¬†they are pretty much, jerks. And I do not have to be Mother Theresa, and I do not have to have compassion for every human, I just don’t!

As my sweet friend, Leigh, would remind me…once you take the STING out of the stinger, you’re left with the lesson. So even these yucky interactions offer a gift. I became more solid in my belief that I was on the right path, all because some Spiritual Gangster tried to strong arm me.

When you come across someone who might feel threatened by your path, or how you’re doing things, take a moment for yourself. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you are always high vibing – doesn’t mean that the actions and words of other people won’t affect you. You’re still a human, and you get to have your emotions and reactions. Honor those. I do encourage you to take the STING out of the stinger, sit with the experience for a moment, and decide what you can gain from it.

And if I were the advice-giving type (cough, cough), I’d recommend that you reconnect with Spirit, ground yourself, and decide if you have anything more to learn from the Spiritual Gangsters in your life. You’re free at any moment to carve you own path, and surround yourself with people who support and encourage you!

rosalie brown

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