rosalie brownHere are some simple truths about me: I am funny. I like to laugh. I like to smile and be silly, and even when my kids roll their eyes, I know I am a comedienne at my core. Know what I am not so crazy about? Negative people. People who aren’t supportive. People who deal in fear.

I reject you, you fear filled sorcerer of baloney. And yet, these people keep making themselves known to me. Why is that?

I had an unfortunate experience – well, maybe it wasn’t unfortunate, it was just uncomfortable. As I have begun the process of stepping out of the “connects with Spirit, and probably sees Dead People” closet that I’ve been living in ~ some people don’t seem to like it.

As if there is this super duper secret thing, that only SOME people, the anointed, have “permission” to access.

Do you know how I feel about permission? I don’t ask for it. And, guess what, I don’t need it.

I do not require your permission to tap into communication from Spirit, just as you don’t require anyone’s permission OR approval. Spirit chose YOU. Spirit chose ME. It’s not a contest, it’s not a secret club ~ it’s not Frodo’s journey to Mordor. It’s uniquely designed for each of us to find our own way, connect for ourselves, and then be of service to others, if we’re called to do so.

When you begin to step into your own power, and begin to connect and communicate with Spirit, there will be things that will feel different. Not just your internal resets, and there will be some. It will be bigger than that.

Some people will be very uncomfortable with you, your abilities, and your journey. And they may behave in ways that cut you to your core. They may say things that are not supportive, or down right hurtful.

Here’s what I say about that: SPIRIT is never communicating in negativity. It just doesn’t. Spirit conveys to you, and for you, loving guidance and messages. The teachers who convey the lessons can be down right…yucky. But the message from Spirit is always for your best self.

Telling people that you see Dead People ( I capitalize because, it creates drama! ) or that you connect with your Spirit Guides, or that you gave a reading to someone ~ this is sharing your truth, and how other people take it, doesn’t belong to you. It’s brave, I wish it wasn’t such an act of courage, to come out of the Spirit closet. But it is. Because this can make other people feel threatened. Sad, but true.

rosalie brownI’ve never been one to do anything but champion others. I actually feel joy in my chest when my friends and family experience happy, joyful things. It’s not just lip service when I tell someone, “I’m so happy for you!” I genuinely am. Not everyone will do, see, and feel things like me, or you, or even authentically support you in your journey toward Mordor (more dramatic effect!).

As you are learning about yourself, your abilities, how it all connects for you ~ please, my darling being of light ~ surround yourself with people who believe you, who support you, and who accept you. These abilities that you’re developing, they really are a gift. And if someone feels threatened by your abilities, ask yourself, WHY? Not in a “this person is totally crazy” way – but why is this showing up for you?

When I got the verbal smack down from someone I once considered part of my tribe, and it was down right abusive, after I was finished reeling from her ugly words…I got quiet. I went inside myself. I even woke up crying the next day. I didn’t think her words had landed, but they had.

I wasn’t filled with self-doubt. I was angry. Really angry. And then I hit pause. OK, what was my lesson? I allowed this person to spew their version of reality, in an ugly way, directly at me. I let it land. I rejected their message, but it still got in. The funk, the dark, the yuck.

After a couple of days, I realized…THAT ISN’T MY FUNK. I do not want it. I don’t need to hold it. I will release it.

And I did. What I gained from the experience was a strong, overwhelming commitment to myself. I will continue to grow. I will continue to evolve. And I will fiercely, and unabashedly support and encourage others who are working to develop their gifts. I will build my tribe, and I will create safe containers for dialogue and development. I will not entertain doubt, fear, judgments. I will not allow other people, and their opinions to shape my reality.

Brave heart ~ step out of the closet, step into your truth…you will find support, I promise. Spirit has your back, and so do we!

rosalie brown

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