Do you have a morning routine? I always get excited when I see people talking about these beautiful, peaceful mornings they have. Wake up slowly, meditate, journal, create gratitude lists, commune with Spirit, go for nice long walks in nature. Amazing! And who are these people? 🙂

I’ve always been someone who loves ideas, concepts, methods…boundaries and rituals give form and function to our lives. For most of my career I was in deadline driven industries. Good for someone like me, someone who doesn’t understand the concept of time. Time is hard.

For the record, I don’t think that time exists on the Other side. Us dreamy, spiritual folk can have trouble with the harsh time restraints we live in while we occupy a physical body and try to make something of this life, here in the third dimension. Ugh, to be human!

benefits of ritualsI decided that if I could juggle a teenager, a 100 pound dog, a screechy cat, clients, a long distance relationship, a handful of friends…I clearly was an expert on managing time. So why did I feel like I never had time? Time for me, time for rituals?

Then I remembered that rituals sort of scared me. What if I didn’t keep it up? What if I did my rituals and then nothing changed? Then my idea that rituals were the key to ultimate awesomeness, I could be wrong. Gasp!

I thought it would make for interesting fodder for my intellectual, processy side, to ask on social media: “what are your rituals?” I received over 60 responses, and only 4 of them were wackadoodle. This felt like a success.

Allow me to address the “wackadoodle” ones first. I asked in a psychic development group, of course, so all the responses were tied to spiritual development. The ones that I immediately dismissed were the responses that contained warnings, or cautionary tales about being careful you don’t conjure up bad spirits or get dark entities attached to you. STOP. THE. FEAR. BULLSHIT.  I’m not conjuring up the dark side of the moon, so step aside, sister.

The responses that did inspire me were things like: grounding; meditating; focus; creating space in the mind for Spirit to sit down and have a little chat; automatic writing.

It dawned on me that the rituals might help me create a foundation, a routine, for communicating with Spirit. To this point, most of my communication had been “on-demand.” Like I’d dial in, and get my information. I have friends who experience it very differently, like Spirit just shows up. We all get it differently.  But why NOT create a container for Spirit to pop in and chat with me?

I don’t think Spirit needs ritual – seems like Spirit knows what to do. It was me who needed something.  I needed to be grounded, open, and ready.  So it turns out, rituals might be a great thing.

I’ll never live an “Instagram Worthy” life, my life is just too messy.  I have dog hair on my sweater, I may or may not be wearing yesterday’s eye liner, and I undoubtedly have an enthusiastic cowlick that I don’t always know is there. I mention this to you, my friend, to remind you not to get caught up in “what it looks like.” Your rituals, your sacred space, your meditation nook (or as I call it, “my bed”).  Your rituals are meant to create containers for connection. What they look like is totally up to you.

Here’s how I’m going to start using rituals – clearing my energetic space and shaking off any residual outside world stuff; get into my body through quick meditations and energy movement; have a quick chat with my Spirit Guides; do some automatic writing; breathe without being interrupted by a dog or human; and then Go Forth and Be Rad.

What are you gonna do?

rosalie brown

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