You do not have to be a medium to receive signs from your departed loved ones.  Even though most people can no longer see the physical presence of their departed loved ones, the physicality of their energy is really the only thing that has changed.  The deep bonds and love do not change and continue on the other side.  Our loved ones continue to experience our life with us even after they pass.  They give us signs of their presence and everyone has the ability to recognize the signs.  Most people will dismiss these signs as a coincidence or may not notice them at all.

Not all signs are easy to recognize at first.  However, spirit will present the same signs in patterns.  My dad uses blue butterflies to show me he is with me.  I am sure he was presenting blue butterflies for a long time before I understood these beautiful beings were signs.  I got direct confirmation from him one day and from that point forward, I knew they were signs.  I was working on a spreadsheet at work one day and I got the words “blue butterfly.” I thought to myself, “OK, that was a random thought” and went about completing my work.  Later that afternoon as I was walking to my car, the biggest and bluest butterfly I had ever seen started flying around me making circles around my body.  One of my coworkers noticed this and said, “I think that butterfly likes you!”  I smiled and replied, “Yes, I think he does.”

signs from spiritSometimes signs are more easily recognized because they are things that can be easily associated with the departed loved one.  I did a reading for someone and the gentleman that came through kept showing me coins.  He collected coins so that was part of the evidence he brought through for my sitter.  Not only did my sitter connect with the coin because he was a coin collector, but she had also been discovering coins in odd places.  This was a sign her departed loved one was using to get her attention.

Signs can also come in many different forms.  My dad was a smoker.  I do not smoke, so I know if I am at home and I smell cigarette smoke, my dad is visiting.  You can also smell perfume, cologne and even foods they loved.  Songs can also be signs from our departed loved ones.  If you are thinking about someone you have lost and then you get into the car to drive somewhere and the radio plays one of their favorite songs, it could very well be a sign from your loved one.

Now, I find it important to also bring up discernment because not everything you see will be a sign.   Even though my dad uses blue butterflies as a sign of his presence, I know not every blue butterfly will be a sign from him.  The butterflies that are signs from him are usually in places I would not expect to see them or they will follow me around.  I have some pretty amazing photos of them where they have allowed me to get so close to them that I could reach out and touch them.

Our intuition helps us determine when something is a sign and when it is not.  I have seen many people believe a feather they have found is a sign.  While a feather could be a sign, it is important to look at the location and the circumstance in which you found the feather.  If you are working in your yard or garden and find a feather it may simply just be a feather on the ground.  However, if you are getting into your car and notice a feather on the floorboard of your car, the chances of that feather being a sign are greater than the feather in your back yard.  You expect to have birds visiting in your yard so finding a feather there would not be out of the ordinary.  The most important tool in determining signs from your loved ones is your intuition.

Please remember our loved ones are never far from us and continue to share in our life experiences with us.  They are there to love us, protect us and guide us.  Grief is extremely difficult but knowing our loved ones are never more than a breath away from us helps bring comfort and peace to our hurting hearts.

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