As you know, I’m not a licensed therapist. Anything you read here is based on my own experiences and is not meant to be treated as medical or psychological advice or diagnosis. OK…we good?

It’s not uncommon for those of us with gifts, psychic and otherwise, to have developed them at an early age. Personally, I grew up in a very chaotic household, and I developed hyper sensitivity to my surroundings, and was always scanning my environment…I had to so I could figure out how to be safe. My story is not unique.

I also believe that as young people, the veil between the Other side and this dimension is quite thin, and we see things, hear things, know things as kids…and as we get older, we dismiss the messages we receive because the outside world (the one we live in), conditions us that it’s our imagination, or spirits don’t exist, or fill in the blank. We’re basically told, we’re crazy. But guess what? We have scores and scores of beings from the Other side that are with us, protecting us, guiding us, and cheering for us all the time! Yay! And…we’re actually not crazy. We know stuff. We feel stuff. And sometimes we just forget.

Whatever I share with you, will not be new to you. It will simply be reminders of things your soul already knows.

To get a hold of this gift we share, to really start to feel empowered, bold, joyful…it can be necessary to look to the past. If you’ve had past trauma, I want you to hang in for a minute and we’ll deal with it. If you’re not comfortable, or this doesn’t fit for you, then skip ahead about 6 paragraphs, and I’ll see you towards the wrap up session 🙂

** I’m going to share with you how I healed a very traumatic moment in my past, and encourage you to take the time to try and do the same. This can help you move forward in life more easily. If you’re not ready yet, then please, I encourage you, come back to this concept and work on it when you are able. **

I think back to the time I’d just gone into another foster home. It was my 22nd foster placement in just under four years, and I was only a little older than 4 at the time. The dad in the household was screaming at me, and he scared me. He was over 6 feet tall and had a huge booming voice. He was yelling at me, and I wet myself. So he spanked me, hard, harder and then some more. (Yes, the typical “why are you crying, I’ll give you something to cry about!” but I wasn’t just crying, I was peeing). I’ll stop the story there. Here’s were we get to the tools part.

Re-Write the Event and Release the Trauma

I’ve gone back to that moment in my mind, I’ve observed it happening, and in my new version, the adult me, the one who survived it all, I step in and comfort little me. I pull myself into my grown up arms, hold myself tight, and stroke my hair while whispering: “It’s going to be OK little peanut. I’m sorry they didn’t love you and I’m sorry they were mean. But you’re going to be OK, I promise.”

I then go over to the bed and lay down with little me. Yep, sounds weird, right? Old me comforting little me? I repeated this mental exercise probably 6 times, over the course of a week to 10 days. Every time I went into my memory and re-scripted it, the terror and pain lessened. Little me would cry a little less, little me would fall asleep faster, and then one day, the crazy dad guy wasn’t there at all. It was just old me hugging little me.

Of course I remember this thing happened. But the pain that I had attached to the memory is now gone. For much of my life, it was a defining moment, one in where I learned not to trust men, and when I decided if someone was more powerful than you, they could hurt you. I don’t carry that with me anymore. That trauma is not keeping me tethered to things that don’t serve me. It did! For much of my life. But my past has no control over me now.

Is there an event that you could re-write? Is it time to let it go? Would that feel OK?

So the past is the past, but it sort of repeats itself again and again, until we resolve it. We also tend to attract more experiences that are opportunities to heal. So when an opportunity to heal (usually an unpleasant experience) presents itself, wanna deal with it now and be done with it, or do you wanna see it come up again and again in your life? Just sayin’, my love. And I do know of what I speak 😉

To have a break through, you often have to have the break down. So when the ugly pops up, why don’t you:

  • Claim it
  • Name it
  • Bless it
  • Release it

Please believe me when I tell you that I have been broken wide open, thinking it would never get better, thinking I was all alone…and not wanting to see anyone because I knew I couldn’t handle any more energy. Sometimes being an empath means it’s difficult to breathe. By diving into the pain, really digging into my issues, I survived. I started putting the pieces together, I started to build a whole new thang…and I now look back and feel gratitude for the changes I didn’t see coming.

Be gentle with yourself, but be REAL with yourself — we gotta heal the past, to get ready for the good stuff that’s coming our way!

rosalie brown

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