You have likely been reading other people, your entire life. That reaction that we have been programmed to call ‘knee jerk,’ or shamed into believing we’re being judgmental, encourages us to STOP reading the energy of others. Because how powerfully could we navigate our lives, how powerful would we feel, if we were just to TRUST what we get?

Allow yourself to deprogram, divorce, reject the labels and judgments you have allowed into your life. Those silly, unhelpful beliefs will hinder your ability to live your life at full speed. This journey of yours is simply that: YOURS. So allow yourself a new vision. Imagine that you already contain within you the ability to receive what is most helpful for you, directly from Divine Source.  Because you are connected, you are awake, you are alive.

When you understand that you are deserving and you are capable, you will have an easier time building a container
to receive and relish in the many messages the Universe holds for you. Do not doubt your worthiness, or your ability. Just begin.

find your sparkle againAs I’ve written about previously, when you have a handle on your own energy, you can then confidently begin to read the energy of others. Our egos are a powerful, and necessary part of our experience. When you are going to read for others, the most helpful thing you can do is ask your Guides to move your own ego, experiences, filter and  personality out of the way. You do not want to spend time in your head space, and that is of course where all of the aforementioned conditions exist.

Ground yourself, concentrate on your breathing, and tune into your own energy. When you feel calm and at peace, and are just ‘being’ – then you may wish to call in your Guides. Ask them to join you and stand with you, moving your
experiences and filters out of the way…ask them to assist you in being of service for the greater good of yourself, the Universe, and the person you wish to read.

Because you are now at peace, and you are in receiving mode, gently invite into your sphere, the energy of the person in front of you. You do not need to bubble or protect yourself, or start thinking about all the things you might get wrong. This is head space chatter. Heart space, sacral space, power center stuff…that’s where you want to pull from.

Some readers will move their power into their third eye chakra, or even push their energy up to their crown. Personally, not to sound like a broken record, but I want to connect from my heart space. This allows me to envision and immediately feel the person’s greatest good, the most beautiful version of themselves. I actually fall in love a bit, with the person in front of me. I see only the most glorious, amazing, dazzling version of them. And it makes me feel wonderful.

I often get very warm, so I have to manage the energy exchange. If the energy is hitting me strong, hard and fast, I will pause for a moment, and ask my Guides to slowwwww things down. I want to be a conduit for information, and most often I will also feel the persons energy in my body.

You can always, always take a pause, and call to your Guides. They are there to assist you, but if you didn’t know this already…they only come when called upon. They cannot interfere or intervene on your behalf; some will tell you that they never will. What I can tell you with 100 percent certainty is this: they must have your implicit permission to assist you with readings and any other thing you want their assistance with.

For the beginning reader, the energy of the other person can be a brand new experience. You may have had intuitive hits about a person, or even been able to tell if someone is being deceitful; your intuition is an amazing life long tool that most of us have learned to pay attention to. In this case, we are going to a deeper level and we want our intuition AND the energy of the other person to work in concert with each other.

Each of us receives information from Source in different ways; usually in more than one way. People speak of the ‘Clairs’ and by this they are referring to different physical sensations or senses that Source uses to communicate information to us. For example, I have a knowing, which is considered claircognizance. Sometimes I will get a strong scent or smell that comes to me as a confirmation. You’ve heard of people picking up the scent of cigarettes, or cologne, or motor oil, and on and on…when giving a psychic reading. Those people are utilizing a specific ‘clair’ to receive confirmation and information from Spirit.

I won’t spend a lot of time on the 7 main Clairs, but if you can get on the Google, you’ll be flooded with tons of information, complied by people smarter than I.

Source will determine the best way to reach you – but it will always involve energy. You may have visions/sight, you may have tastes, sounds, smells, sensations. You’re not crazy, and you’re not imagining those things. Spirit is using your physical sensations to deliver the message. Again, this is all ‘energy.’

protecting your energy empathSpirit will send you messages and information in a language that is totally unique to you. It’s very much like a new language that you and Spirit develop, in partnership, so that you learn how to receive and speak what Spirit shares with you.

You may wish to keep a notebook and keep track of the different ways you receive information. As you begin to have a broader understanding, and flex your trust muscle (putting aside any self-doubt and getting out of your head), you will be amazed at how easy and effortlessly the information will come to you.

OK, back to the person sitting in front of you. You may be practicing on the internet, so the person isn’t in your presence. Whether in person, on the phone, over the internet, know that Spirit knows what the hell it’s doing, OK? You can receive messages just as strongly in person as you can over the internet. Because the connection is ENERGETIC.

Now, recall, at this point, you are grounded, calm, energy is in alignment, you’ve asked your Guides in, and they’ve assisted you in putting your filters to the side, so that you can receive the best, most helpful information for this beautiful Soul in front of you.  That’s exactly who your ‘sitter’ is:  a Soul residing in a physical body.  So understand that you are connecting, soul to soul, and don’t get too worried about the physical. In fact, don’t worry at all!

Sitting quietly, and focused on the other person, invite their energy into your sphere. You are going to invite their energy into yours. Some people encourage a merging of energies, some people will tell you to get into the other person’s energy. I’m not saying that the method I’m describing is the one, best way.

I believe if you invite the other person’s energy into yours, it allows you to stay in your power, and you can remain grounded and firm, no matter how ‘wonky’ the other person’s energy might be. You’ll figure out your own comfort level as you go!

Start by feeling. Where do you feel the other person’s energy in your body? What does it feel like? Is it manifesting in a certain body part? Is it calm, tense, excited? What does it FEEL like? Don’t think. You can write it down, if you’re unsure the meaning, but pay attention to where it is in your body, and how it feels.

reading energyBecause I have a fluent language with my Spirit Guides, when I am reading someone, and I get a sharp pain in my right shoulder blade, I will ask the person if they have experienced the feeling of betrayal, or a heavy burden, or resentment. My point here is that when I feel “A,” I understand that feeling to translate to situation x, y, or z. Does that make sense?

My Guides will initially have me experience energy in my body, and each type of energy or body part has a coordinating human experience, that I can then translate. You may experience a visual snippet, or a color, or a taste. If you are grounded and your own energy is calm, and you are not in your head…you will have your own experiences of the person’s energy, and you’ll begin to translate what it means.

After I get the initial energetic hits, then I have a flowing of information that allows me to go deeper, and deeper with the person in front of me. I won’t cover all my reading techniques in one article, because the first step is really the most important. And that my friend, is getting clear and confident with energy.

The rest? I would be thrilled to help you on your development journey! You got this, Sunshine!

rosalie brown

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