Energy is everything. It’s not just woo woo, it’s science, baby! Quantum physics will tell you that every thing, every single thing, is made up of packets of … ENERGY.  As an intuitive reader, it’s your energy that I tap into, it’s your energy that I read.

When I am working with those who want to learn how to give readings to others, I gently tell them it all starts with energy. A lot of people believe that learning to give readings is going to be difficult; that generally because they want it so badly. (We’ll talk about self-doubt another time!)  When you have a goal in front of you, something that’s exciting, and scary, and you want badly, it’s human to feel jitters, feel nervous, feel excited, or even feel scared.

Now, the question is, where do you feel that in your body? I bet you could answer that question immediately. “I feel a buzzing in my chest,” or “I feel butterflies in my stomach” or  “I have a fuzzy, heady feeling.”  Step one, done. You already feel your energy, and you recognize where it is in your body. Phase one of giving a psychic reading, complete.

Seriously? That simple? Yes, darling. Feel and recognize your own energy and where it is in your body.

reading energyStruggling with that? Feeling disconnected? Do me a favor…take a couple of moments to tune out. Clear your mind, get comfortable, and breathe deeply. Focus on your breathing.  Take another minute to ground yourself.  Imagine your feet with roots growing out of the bottom, going down into the Earth, down, down down…all the way to the Earth core.  (Yes, that’s exactly how easy it is to ground yourself, though there are more involved, longer meditations and methods that work too!)

Grounded? Good. Chilled out? Good. Now, speak your own name, aloud.  Where do you feel your energy in your body when you hear your name? Got something? Good. Not yet? Take a moment, concentrate on your breathing, and try it again.  Do it as many times as you need to, until you can feel where your energy is surging in your own body.

This simple practice will be beneficial for a couple of reasons.  One, it’s great to know what kind of energy you are leading with.  You’ve heard people say “lead with love.”  Oh, snap, this very website is called “Lead in Light” (clever, right?).  The point is, the dominant place in your body, where you feel your energy corresponds to one of your chakras. That is the place you’re leading from.

You can get super intentional with your energy, and I recommend you do!  When I wake up in the morning, I intentionally focus my energy, pull it if you will, into my heart space.  I want to feel enthusiasm and love and peace, especially to start my day! So I pull my energy into my heart space. (I use that terminology more than I use the chakra talk, but I’m just weird like that).  I intend to begin my day, with love being my super power.

Its’ just as easy to pull your energy down to your sacral, your root, your power center…once you master how your energy feels in your body, you can use your mind to pull the energy where you want it to go. Yes, you can absolutely direct your own energy.  And really, once you have conquered that…you’re about half way there, next step is being able to feel and read the energy of others.  I’ll get more into that in my next article.

How’s it feel, feeling your own energy, Sunshine?

rosalie brown



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