There is no right way to meditate. I know, it’s shocking.
What is important about meditation is YOU. It’s all about you.

If you are one of the people who have had a hard time meditating (yes – some people do not meditate well!) you aren’t alone. So, let’s look at it from another perspective.

Mediation is all about communication –
It’s a space for communication between you & spirit.
It’s time out for grown-ups.
And, you need it.

What I always heard when attempting to master the art of mediation; “Clear your mind. Clear your mind. Connect to your guides.” This little mantra became my arch-nemesis and connecting to my guides was on par with travelling to Mars.

intuitive coaching and mentoringI would try to “clear my mind” by letting go of any worries, concerns, or fears I had, focus on my breathing, imagining my chakras….it would last about 3.8 seconds before a fresh, new batch of everyday came creeping in to pull me back to my physical reality; my every day, real, life.

I would start over…and over…and over. Always ending up frustrated and adding “must learn to meditate” to the never-ending list of things I needed to get done. I would dedicate more time to the meditation. I tried putting on meditation music. I wore yoga pants. I tried to meditate outside. I was so exhausted from the frustration of NOT being able to meditate, I gave up completely.

Spirit finds a way – even when we make it difficult.
Later, in my everyday life, my non-meditating self was out for a walk (my dog is an energetic little freak) and as I walked the property, I started getting random information about a deceased woman. Naturally, I am thinking the property is haunted : )

More info comes in. I am thinking; why? Who does this belong to and why am I getting it out of nowhere? The spirit coming through ended up connecting to someone I met 2 days later. (Spirit knows stuff!)

But it made me think “Why then? Out of nowhere like that?”
And I clearly remember hearing “because you gave us the space to talk to you.”
Wait. What?
Walking my dog is free from thought for me. I was just wandering around without any worry, enjoying the fresh air.

That was it.
I meditated.
I totally meditated!
I had tried so hard to forget my real life, I couldn’t focus on my spirit one.

We aren’t meant to forget our worries and responsibilities. But we can create a space for them to exist while we give our minds a break and a place to communicate better with spirit.

self care for intuitivesMaking a space for communication is going to be super helpful in developing a line of communication with spirit. You have a lot going on in that head of yours. We all have everyday worries, concerns and responsibilities. Those things do not disappear because you are developing your abilities. In fact, everyday life can start feeling like an interruption; a constant pause button on the development front. This is normal. But this path you are on – you get to rewrite normal.

Here is what works for me. I create a space for my concerns;
I acknowledge them and give them dedicated space.
I am a visual gal so I needed to build this space in my head.

I imagine a she-shed (yes, I watch too much HGTV!). A small gardening shed with a little front porch. On that porch sits a box. When I come to the shed, I acknowledge all my concerns and leave them in that box, just for a little while. The door of my shed leads me to a one-room she-shack. White walls and a turquoise floor. White lights strung across the ceiling. A large table and two chairs. This is where I go to connect; to allow my abilities to just exist, and sometimes grow. I can go here anytime. I call it my focus (I had meditation-failure anxiety – it’s a real thing!)

But, focus is what works for me. I needed to focus on acknowledging my concerns AND dedicating a space where I could allow my mind to focus only on my spiritual connection. I have an active association to my connections; I focus, I write, I walk. Sitting still isn’t always the way to create a space that works for you – because this is about YOU, do what works best for YOU. The goal is to give YOU a space to communicate. This is the space where you will strengthen your connection to spirit. It is where you can develop the language you have with spirit. It is where you allow your mind to open up to the possibilities of your abilities – because they are endless.

P.S. Guides love she-sheds…just sayin’!

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