Intuition versus Ability. Hmm…Let’s talk, shall we?

Not everyone has psychic abilities. Yup, I said it! You will find a million people who will say “everyone has abilities”. True. But not everyone has psychic/medium/healer/empath abilities.

We do, however, all have instincts. My dogs have instincts. Better than mine on most days. So far, they aren’t psychic. But the same way I have an instinct not to stick my hand in a fire, my dog knows when an animal is my yard. I consider instinct the built-in survival manual we come pre-programmed with. To hone instinct, you have to listen. People who listen to and follow their instincts, usually develop stronger, more in-tuned instincts.

Corporate America is full of CEO’s with successfully, sharp instincts. Many law enforcement officers and detectives have incredibly strong instincts. People make careers out of listening to their good instincts!

am i psychicConsider intuition the touchy-feely sister to instincts. Intuition comes with a little more emotion than the knee-jerk reaction of instinct. Think of a mother’s intuition – it can be creepily accurate. It “knows” when something is wrong – instincts on steroids! A parent’s intuition is powerful stuff but it is nothing if we don’t listen to it and act on it. Because it comes from a more touchy-feely place than instinct, we have this tendency to “think” about it, mull it over, and analyze the hell out of it.

Ever watch a crime show and hear the woman say “I felt like something was wrong, but I didn’t want to look stupid” or “I didn’t want to be rude”?
This is always right before a series of awful events, usually involving duct-tape and a trunk. Now, consider the mom who “knows” there is something wrong with their kid (I speak from experience).

There could be two, very well-educated, medical doctors with years of experience telling her “there is nothing wrong”, but if her intuition says there is something wrong, you might want to get out of her way. A mother’s intuition outranks every degree on the wall. A mom will pick up the crazy-flag and wave it like a madman until she gets what she needs for her kid. She will argue with Dr.’s, teachers, the U.S. Senate, and her in-laws to pursue what her intuition is telling her; 99.9% of the time, she is absolutely right.

The only thing that separates the girl in the trunk and the flag-waving mom is TRUST. Mom didn’t think twice about trusting her instincts or intuition because she did it for someone else. We are a little less accepting when it comes to doing what is best for ourselves.


Abilities in the psychic sense are an extension of instinct and intuition – but we are talking full-blown, add a second story to the house – kind of extension. They extend beyond what we are consciously connected to. A mom is connected to her kids and family; a CEO to the choices that built their career (and mom & CEO could be the same person doing both jobs at once! Red cape please!)

Abilities connect us to something outside of what serves us. Abilities, when used, serve others. I am not connected to your deceased uncle Bob. I am not connected to the decision you have to make about an upcoming career move. But, my abilities connect to a source that does have a connection to uncle Bob. That connection is created by Spirit and the information from that connection can be shared through spiritual ability – if I TRUST enough to allow it.

Abilities extend into what we don’t know, what we have no way of knowing based on our own knowledge and experience. The unknown can scare the hell out of us. This is where honing your instincts and trusting your intuition leads you to opening the door to your abilities.

Abilities extend and expand beyond instinct and intuition as an outward expression of a spiritual connection. The same spiritual connection that hard-wired your instincts and grew your intuition. Trust the source. Get in touch with that source and find out for yourself; is this intuition or is this something more?

Either way, you just made a choice to listen to and trust YOU and the SOURCE you connect to.
Welcome to the first step of everything.

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