One of the most frequent questions I get comes down to this:  “How do I know what my [psychic] gift is?” And my answer is usually: “You tell me, darling!”

I may be psychic, but I can’t really read your mind. I read and feel your energy, and my guides will fill me in on the stuff around you, so that’s very cool.  But, most often, the journey of self-discovery is meant just for YOU. Not that you can’t practice, be encouraged, or meet up with a psychic who will tell you what they think your gifts are…but you know what the danger in that is?  It puts you in a box.  That’s right…a limiting, ‘here’s your label’ box.

developing psychic giftsThe truth is, we all have multiple gifts, some may just come to us easier and faster.  I make a joke, usually to break the ice, and tell folks “I see dead people.”  That was my clever little way of telling people I have clairvoyant abilities. I can in fact communicate with those who have passed, and they come to visit me often. But do I consider my strongest or primary gift, mediumship?  Not really. I am a decent medium, but I also get really chatty with Spirit Guides, and they aren’t exactly dead people.

We can always develop our gifts further, no matter how long we’ve been mastering them.  It’s sort of like a published author who has experienced success with a book or two.  Do they decide, “Ok, mastered that whole writing thing…now I’m going to see if I can become a world class tug boat captain!”  They might, but more likely, they set about riding their momentum and start writing that NEXT book.

So what I want to say to you, dear one, is keep an open mind as you begin to flex your psychic or intuitive muscles. The muscles get stronger, the more you use them. And you can always develop new ones.  Some areas are much more interesting to me, personally, in the world of woo woo and beyond.  For example, I think it’s neat that people can read palms, however, I’m not personally interested.  Now, would I like to be lucid during astral travel? In one hot second!

The journey of development is unique to each person. And the coolest thing is, you truly can develop just about any psychic ‘strategy’ or path that you desire.  So YOU TELL ME:  What’s your primary gift? And what else do you want to master?

rosalie brown


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