Hey Gang! Guess what? Here’s what my guides just dropped on me this morning.

“It’s OK to be uncomfortable. In fact, it’s necessary. Things do not change until you become uncomfortable. This provides you the opportunity to choose something new.”

What? Mind blown. This message was really timely for me ~ no surprise. You see, the last few months my life has taken some amazing, unexpected turns. All of it good. All of it requiring me to reach deeper, dive into faith, and use my intuition as a touchstone, to keep me from freaking out.

There’s that weird time in-between what you want to be, and where you are going. That space in between. It’s not fun, it’s a little sticky, and it feels slow. My least favorite speed: slow!

But, Universal timing and human timing aren’t even close to being in sync.  The Universe is conspiring to bring forward the people, experiences, and opportunities that will help you expand and grow.  Us humans feel more comfortable when we know the time frame, and the Universe chuckles at us, and basically says: buckle up Buttercup! It happens when it happens.

That’s uncomfortable. But, when I feel uncomfortable I breathe, I stay with it, and I acknowledge my feelings. Because this discomfort is giving me the signal that something is coming. And it’s most certainly going to be something that is for my greater good.

rosalie brown

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