“Hi – I am a medium, I talk to dead people.”

The single scariest sentence on the face of the planet (not really – but in my self-absorbed bucket of fears, it absolutely was the crème de la crème of HELL NO!) Recently, I had a conversation with an experienced medium. When I first saw her picture, she radiated good vibes. I was excited to talk to her and learn from her experiences.
I did learn from her, but maybe not the lesson I thought I would get.

We talked about all sorts of mediumship stuff. I appreciated her willingness; it is rare. She told me I was going to do big things with my ability and that my ability was genuine and strong – who doesn’t want to hear that!? When I began telling her about the plan I already had in process with a mutual friend of hers, she was immediately concerned. She felt that we didn’t have the expertise required. She was concerned that we didn’t have the wisdom of HER guides and that we were messing with things we couldn’t possibly have the ability to handle. Quite the contrast to “you are going to do big things!”

Then she said, “Who are you to lead anyone? Who are you to think you have the ability to help others?”

It stung. I let it sting.
Who did I think I was to help anyone???

You are going to get stung in this process of development.
Some people aren’t going to be supportive.
Some people are going to bring up good points that you need to listen to, but they will present them in a way that feels bad; take the lesson, not their bad. You are going to feel incompetent, embarrassed, and generally freaked out – sometimes, but not all the time and not forever.

You have to take the lesson.
That medium stung me with her question. But, there is a lesson in that stinger. I needed to ask myself “Who the hell do you think you are?” because, truth is, I was scared someone else would ask me the same question and I didn’t know how to answer.

I sat down that night and got quiet. In the quiet, I heard the answer to that question – “I am exactly who Spirit chose – that is who I am” and I removed the stinger, but kept the lesson.

I did not choose to be a medium. But I will choose to do the best I can with it.

I may not always feel capable, but Spirit keeps showing me that I am. No one else can determine my ability or my capability; that is between me and Spirit. No matter where you are on your development, you are going to experience the “who the hell am I to think I can do this” feelings. Don’t run from that question. Answer it.

Because if you don’t answer for yourself, you will eventually accept the answer someone else gives you.

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