We’ve all been there. Days where you just can’t seem to hear what Spirit is saying. Be sure of this: Spirit has not stopped speaking to you. But your mental and emotional state can mute your ability to ‘hear.’

So what can you do? First, take a breath. This stuff is supposed to be fun. When you treat it like a job, it stops feeling like a gift. Now, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t take money for your services. What I mean is – WORK. Even the word feels heavy. How does the word PLAY feel? Much lighter, amiright?

Lighten up, Buttercup! This too shall pass. You are being given the Big Pause as a gift. Time to go inward and chill dafuq out. You don’t have to always be DOING or downloading.

The quicker you can get yourself into a lighter, playful vibration – the quicker you can lean away from the heavy “stuckness.”

Play. Draw. Dance. Sing. Meditate. Run. Laugh. Sleep.

Get out of your head and into your HEART.

Any type of disconnect you feel is about your thoughts, fears, boredom, etc. Spirit isn’t going anywhere.  You’re being guided to step back and hit reset. It’s temporary and it’s not serious. I promise.

Unplug. Give yourself some space. Regroup. Enjoy the pause. It’s YOU time. That my friend, is a gift.

rosalie brown

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