Depending on your world view, you may think we’ve come here with our human experience written into a life plan, or blue print. Another viewpoint is that we came into this chaos as free thinking, feeling, wheeling dealing people with free- will, therefore the outcomes have limitless possibilities. What if both sides are true?

Now, I’m no expert, but I do talk with dead folk on the regular and these conversations range from “what the f#ck do I do now?” to much broader “tell me a story about life” kind of talks. When we were in that other dimension, frolicking and having fun with our spirit tribe, we made some plans. We sure did.

And those plans included blue prints – that were based on themes. You see, life themes, without all the details. Because the Universe is a co-op of all of our desires, it can look and feel like chaos to us humans, and we all get to experience life differently. There is not one soul who has ever been here that has experienced the exact same events, emotions, or perceptions. Not one. So you really are special and unique, just like the person who stands behind you in the coffee line, and the one who takes their dog to the same dog park as you and your furball, and that annoying driver who cut you off this morning. None of us have the same experiences. And we’re not meant to.

Whilst surrounded by pure love and vibrancy, you and I (and the aforementioned folks above), we stood with our tribe and determined life themes we wanted to experience and master, while in these human bodies. Our plans were reviewed by a council of elders (souls who had made several journeys to Earth previously and who have nothing but pure love for you, me, and all). They likely tried to dissuade you from some themes, encouraged you about others, and finally, cooperatively signed off on your blueprint.

And then came the dark tunnel, bright lights, and screaming, as you entered the world.

So, how’s the free-will thingie work if we come here with blueprints?

Welp, here’s the skinny…you arrive with some life themes pre-determined. The details are really up to you, with your guides always at your side, ready to step in and offer assistance through synchronicities, missed phone calls, winning lottery scratch-off tickets… Synchronicities. Signs from the Universe. These are how we are guided to make the next decision, take the next step – or how we are encouraged to stay put and wait for the right timing.

No matter how great things may seem, or how tragic, one thing is certain: it’s temporary. You’re constantly being guided to the next step, whatever that is, through synchronicities and nudges from the Universe. If you learn to listen to them, and trust them, some might argue, the path seems easier.

Here is the one place you have 100% freedom and free will – HOW YOU CHOOSE to experience everything. That’s where you true free-will lies.

So, whether you’re convinced of destiny, free-will, or a healthy mix of both, I encourage you to look for the synchronicities and honor them. They are messages from Spirit!

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