When you start getting messages from Spirit, or as some might say, from the Other Side, or your guides…how do you know it’s real? I’m not an authority on all things Spirit, oh that I were…but here is my outlook on this important topic.

Think back to a time that you just knew something ~ something in your gut. Before anyone told you, before any evidence showed up, you just KNEW.  Sometimes these things come on like premonitions, other times it’s just a knowing.  It might involve something in the future, or it could be what’s happening in this moment.  Time on the Other Side ~ I’m surely convinced that it doesn’t really exist.

When you did get evidence that you were on point ~ did you question it? Did you wonder how you knew? (There’s no wrong answer).

The concept of clairvoyance can be summed up as having perception beyond what the eye can see. I call it a concept, because I think there are probably several different definitions of what it means to be clairvoyant. You my friend, have some sort of clairvoyance, I’m betting, if you’re reading this. You can receive messages through any of your 5 senses, or you can have the “knowing” that is considered claircognizance.

My first communications from Spirit were things I probably ignored for many years, but when I asked to see, to know, to have the knowledge, that’s when messages started to really flood my brain. I began with quick 5 minute meditations (I’m linking to the “meditations” piece we published previously). As soon as I was done with meditation, I grabbed an empty sheet of paper. I wrote down “What would be most helpful for me to know?” And then I waited.

Technically, I started doodling. I needed my brain, my ego, to be distracted. Suddenly, words started coming to me. More than words, sentences. And I started writing them down. They actually made sense, but I knew better than to interrupt the flow. I just kept writing until the words stopped coming. I would reflect back on the writing and I knew that the words didn’t come from me ~ the tone, the message, it was different than the active voice that plays in my head all the time.

But the question wasn’t how did I start, it was how did I know to trust? At first, I’m not sure I did. I had evidence in front of me that someone was communicating, it felt like it came from outside myself, but being an academic minded person, I wanted proof. Oh, glorious proof.

I looked at the words on paper, I sat with them, I pondered them. Surely “free writing” wasn’t supposed to be so easy. Or was it? As humans, we tend to make things far more complicated than they need to be. From elaborate moon bathing ceremonies, to cleaning our crystals, to group chanting for global peace.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t do any of those things, I am saying, the goal of all of those activities is: connecting with Spirit.

So step one is to determine HOW you connect with Spirit. Step two, once you figure out how to connect, get comfortable with the way in which Spirit chooses to appear or communicate with you. Because you don’t really get to choose, Spirit does. Some people see, others hear, and the list goes on. I always fantasized maybe I’d like to “see” and then I remembered, no…visuals would be too much for me.

Because I am a writer, I communicate all day, words were the easiest path for Spirit to reach me. Not that Spirit needed help ~ I did. If I saw visions, I would probably have hit the bottle. Many of my friends have, and that’s OK until the bottle starts hitting back.  You can sometimes feel a little crazy when the puzzle pieces start being revealed to you. And if you feel half crazy, you can probably trust that Spirit is communicating with you.

Allow me to pontificate a little further and suggest to you that when you begin to dive into your Spiritual awakening, you can expect your life to sort of break wide open. You won’t see things as you did before. Old ideas, stale relationships, the way you’ve always done things…don’t freak out if that all falls away.

trustYour intuition, your gut instinct, your KNOWING…it will get stronger, when you TRUST. Flex your trust muscle. Know that Spirit is reaching out to you for a reason. First, we’re all worthy and there are zero hierarchies in Spirit world.  Please believe that. It’s not a matter of earning or deserving. Spirit chooses you as a channel.

And let me end this with…put your fears to the test. Practice. Read people (if that’s your thing). Ask others who have “gifts” to practice with you. Get input from people you trust. Have long conversations with Spirit. Pray. Make lists. Do whatever you need to do, to really lean into your new found communication. It’s a beautiful thing, and it feels beautiful when you share it with others who understand.

I don’t spend time trying to convince others that I have the gift. I’m not a carnival side show. I know what I know, I know where it comes from, and I am totally good with “being different.”  Not everyone will believe you, but YOU need to believe.  I got yer back, if you need me!

rosalie brown


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