I have a cool tribe. I’m part of a group of learners, dreamers, and misfits. We are connected through social media, and even have a Facebook group. Our backgrounds, interests, and geography are vastly different. We come together for support and to hold each other accountable.

The coolest thing happens at the end of the calendar year. We each decide on our word for the year that is about to begin. The word represents your personal mantra, your focus, your feeling for the entire next year. In 2018, I chose the word “vulnerability.” Oh, man…it sucked!  But I did it, I made bold and intentional efforts to be vulnerable: ask for help, share things that scare me, open myself up regardless of the outcome. See what I mean? Awful.

But strangely empowering. My efforts in 2018 led me right into what my word for 2019 would be.  For this next year, I have chosen: FREEDOM.  Freedom from everything that holds me back (and lets be honest, its my own damn mind and silly internal dialogue). Freedom from other people’s expectations and desires; freedom from the negativity that weighs on me; freedom from thoughts that don’t serve me on my life’s path.

If you were going to focus on ONE aspect, one thing, for the next year…what would it be, and more importantly, WHY? What’s your word?

rosalie brown

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