I’m not your every day psychic. I don’t use a crystal ball, and I don’t believe that your future is fated, or pre-written. So, when someone comes to me and wants to know their future, I push for them to get more specific. Because from the lens of Spirit, you’re the one calling the shots, not the other way around.

Certainly, there are outside influences that will and often do play a role; but the biggest factor in everything is YOU. It’s your free will, your choices, your habits, your beliefs, your actions that play the biggest role.

I often turn away readings from people who are in the headspace of “things keep happening to me,” because in reality, the thoughts they are thinking and the vibration they’re putting out there, really are the indicators of the results they are getting. And not everyone likes to hear that. Heck, most don’t want to hear that.

But you should – you should feel FREE knowing that the power is in your hands, you shouldn’t feel burdened by that knowledge. You should feel empowered knowing that every action you take has the power to set new things in motion, to draw in new elements, opportunities and people. We’re not stuck on a hamster wheel, praying and hoping that some magical being in the sky will grant our wishes. WE ARE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN OUR LIVES, and therefore, we are the single biggest indicator on how things play out.

I love giving readings and helping to illuminate possibilities for people. What can be challenging is when the expectation is that I, or any psychic, can lay out for you the exact road map you’re supposed to take, to avoid any potholes or any challenges. Mindset and commitment to self, the desire to seek constantly improved outcomes is the magic; not the words of the psychic or the teachings of a prophet.

You’re in this. It’s yours. Own it, love it, shine it up and improve it. Take care of this precious life you have, step into it with passion and fire; be creative and have fun. Allow for the Universe to meet you where you are, and to expand and evolve for you and with you. Life is a full contact sport. The more involved you are, the more you are intentionally drawing to you those things that light you up inside.

No, I can’t predict your future, but I can help you see where you can show up for yourself.

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