Because empaths feel emotions so strongly, caught unprepared and unaware, day to day interactions with others can be extremely draining, difficult, and upsetting. One method to help limit the difficulty is to use crystals, which can aide empaths in keeping their own emotions clear and separate from others.

Suggested crystals include:
Rose Quartz.
This crystal, pink in color, is known to be good for grounding, and for feeling love. It soothes the heart chakra and can offer protection from the negative emotions of others.

Black Tourmaline.
This can be an extremely powerful crystal that is known for actually pushing negative energy away. It offers protection against the negativity that the global consciousness holds, or for negativity being directed at the empath, intentionally from another person.

With a beautiful purple hue, amethyst can be helpful in sharpening and heightening intuition.

This lovely crystal is known to ease anxiety, and actually strengthen the power of nearby crystals. Thought to promote luck and peace, you may also experience more ease in falling asleep.

A beautiful green crystal, malachite can be used to remove emotional blockages and ease stress. An added bonus is that malachite can absorb any negative feelings you’ve stored.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a spiritual guru to effectively use and keep crystals. Many online retailers, even Etsy pages, have a wide variety of crystals to choose from. While the five listed above are especially well known as helpful tools for empaths, you can also purchase any crystal that you’re drawn to. Tools are most effective because of the intention behind them, so don’t decide that you’ve got the wrong crystal, or need to spend a bunch of money to collect numerous crystals. Go with your gut!

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