Ladies, ladies, ladies…come close. I want to share a secret with you.
You are whole, complete, beautiful, and powerful, no matter what your relationship status is.
I understand the desire to love and be loved – it can feel amazing! And during those times in our lives when we might find ourselves without a mate, it’s easy to want to be in the snuggly familiarity with another human. We’re wired for connection.

The flaw in the equation is: believing you’ll be more complete when you are part of a relationship. You’re already complete. Healthy connections can often highlight our own amazing parts, but we are no more complete or important or special for having someone to snuggle on the couch with.

soulmate versus twin flameI see a lot of chatter on social media, people hoping they meet their twin flames. Actually, I’m betting what people are hoping for is the soulmate connection. Soulmates and Twin Flames: not the same thing, not even close! (Here’s a hint: FLAME. Flames burn.)

Soulmates can be romantic or not, and we often have several in one life time. Yes, several. Before we come over to this side of life…on the Other Side, we are all members of soul tribes. Members of our soul tribe follow us into our physical lifetimes, while some stay behind (on the Other Side), and others are born into the 3-D world with us. Could be born into different times, geographies, and situations, but they come here too.

Soul Tribe members who remain on the other side often act as our Spirit Guides. You can bet that they are constantly cheering us on.

But the Soul Tribe members you meet on Earth – there is often that instant connection, that instant knowing that you have met before. These can be people who you meet “randomly,” or could be your sister that you spent your entire childhood with. Tribe members are every where in your life, whether you notice or not, but most likely, those people who really “get you,” they are here with you from your Soul Tribe.

Because we come here with our own posse, any one of them can be considered a soulmate. Your soulmate(s) are not always romantic relationships. My sister has been with me throughout several lifetimes, we’ve often held different relationship titles, but we’re bonded together and keep doing this crazy thing together. So, she’s one of my soulmates.

Satisfying love relationships can and definitely do transpire between soulmates. But the Twin Flame deal? It might not be what you think it is. Because it is very rarely an easy relationship, although it does have it’s euphoric moments!

The theory behind Twin Flames is this: one soul splits energetically, and then you have two souls, who are magnetically and energetically drawn toward each other, like magnets. The souls journey into Earth, each inhabiting different human form and expression. The term is based on two souls, acting as a twin to each other.

How humans experience the Twin Flame connection is complicated, but essentially, these two souls (as humans) are inexplicably and undeniably drawn together. There is a strong knowing, connection, enjoyment of the other. And here’s the rub… Twin Flames are almost always not emotionally or physically available. It could be that one is married, while the other is single. Could be that one lives in California, and the other lives in Canada. It could be like the movie “Serendipity” in which John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale just can’t seem to stay connected – life keeps getting in the way.

heart spaceThese relationships are often meant for us to process through our shadow work. The Twin Flame acts as a mirror to show us the other version of ourselves. The “what could be” is not always something that would fit comfortably into our lives. In fact, it would often require a huge mess of chaos, to bring Twin Flames together. Twin Flames often feel an almost insatiable desire to be together, and there is a yearning, burning (flame!), and emptiness that accompanies these connections.

Moments together can feel euphoric, like a hit from a powerful drug, but it’s not unusual for Twin Flames to spend far more time a part than together. Some people believe there is some chase and follow dynamic between Twin Flames, and perhaps that is part of the dealio. I just know that Twin Flames will hit you like a ton of bricks, maybe it’s that one moment of complete understanding, that moment of “OMG, I totally know you and I miss you!

It’s bittersweet, with lots of bitter and not as much sweet. In the case of Twin Flames, I actually think that never meeting them at all, can be a much easier road to travel.

But are we here on Earth just to experience the beautiful stuff? No, not really. I mean that stuff is way more fun, but in the contrast we get the lessons.

Try and keep your faith in the beauty of connections. Whether it be Twin Flame, Soulmate, or Soul Tribe – you are part of a beautiful construct, filled with others who love and adore you. If you can get on board the “I LOVE YOU!” train, and love yourself, the relationships that are meant to enrich your life, challenge you, and excite you, those relationships will manifest for you.

rosalie brown

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