When you ask for a psychic reading, it’s because you want information for yourself, you want a specific outcome or answer. Babe, you have an agenda, you already KNOW what you’re hoping the psychic says. Makes perfect sense. What happens when you get more than one psychic reading on the same topic, and you get conflicting answers? Who should you believe? 

First, be mindful not to go “psychic shopping.” This is when you get multiple readings, from multiple psychics, shopping for the outcome that makes you feel the most comfortable.  Each psychic has their own process, and their specific connection to Spirit or to your energy will all be unique.

Some psychics claim to be predictive, meaning they are privy to what your future looks like.  I personally am always a bit skeptical of readings that predict my future.

My own free-will and that of anyone else involved in my situation, is always dynamic and things are always in motion.  My outcomes are not only based on choices and actions I take or do not take, but the same is true of anyone in my circle.  Life is fluid and opportunities and outcomes and possibilities are coming together all at once, and at any time. I am constantly altering and building my future, with the actions, thoughts, and beliefs I hold today.  That’s my word of caution around visiting a “fortune teller.”

los angeles psychic rosalie brownBecause I offer my services directly through my own websites, and smaller readings through Etsy, I have the opportunity to speak with a lot of clients who’ve had varying degrees of satisfaction with their readings from other psychics.  The most common complaint I hear is that the person went to three psychics and only one gave them the answer they wanted, or they went to three psychics that all said the same thing, but this person just KNOWS that the readings weren’t accurate.

To all of this, I will say…if a psychic reads YOUR energy, that is in itself, an actual psychic reading.  If the psychic taps into Source and works through Spirit Guides, that is an actual psychic reading.  That’s two different approaches, and in my experience, a reader who taps into YOUR energy is picking up on your perspectives, hopes, wants, and thoughts around a situation or outcome.  There’s accuracy there, but to be clear, the information isn’t coming from Spirit. It’s coming from YOU.  That kind of reading is going to be more in alignment with what it is you WANT to hear.

A psychic who grounds themselves, connects with Source energy, calls in your energy…that kind of reading is going to be much more accurate and much more in alignment with what is in your greatest and highest good to know.

So — when you’re going to get a psychic reading, ask the reader before you commit to your purchase, what their process is.  Explain to them that you aren’t as interested in them reading YOUR energy,  as you are in finding out what Spirit wants you to know for your highest good.  These types of readings also tend to be a little less detailed, because Spirit leaves room for you to piece things together a bit, supporting and guiding your journey, but not giving you concrete outcomes or directives.  I will tell you definitively, Spirit will NEVER tell you that you “must” do something, or that you “cannot” do something.   Notice the language the psychic uses, and how they relay information to you.

Another thing to consider is that the more you wish to know the outcome of something, the more determined you are to set up a narrative and a storyline of how it will turn out.  If you get a psychic reading and what the reader tells you doesn’t align with what you want, this doesn’t mean the psychic is wrong.  It can be an invitation from Spirit to hit the pause button, pull your energy back, and allow things to play out.  There are gems, gifts, experiences that will shake out for you — and you’ll end up where you’re meant to be, even if getting there was a bit unexpected or didn’t look like you thought it would.

When getting a psychic reading, do your best to set YOUR intention ahead of time that you’ll receive information that is meant for you, is accurate, and will be a helpful resource on your journey.  Psychic readings cannot guarantee outcomes, but going into a reading with an open mind will allow you to find something in there that’s meant for you – even if the psychic isn’t a 5-star professional.  If your reading doesn’t give you all the detail or information you want, consider that things will be revealed to you, when you need to know.

And don’t make yourself crazy, by going “psychic shopping.”


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