The Science of Intuition
Understanding the science behind intuition can illuminate why psychic readings are more than just mystical practices; they are grounded in the complex interplay of psychological and neurological processes. Intuition, often referred to as the sixth sense, involves the brain’s ability to gather and process information on a subconscious level, leading to insights that are not derived from conscious reasoning.

Honestly, one of the greatest advocates in understanding this connection between our energy and the way it interacts with the Universe, is Dr. Joe Dispenza. I cannot recommend his work and books enough.

Neuroscientific research suggests that our brains are continuously picking up on patterns and cues from our environment, many of which we are not consciously aware of. This data can inform intuitive hits that feel like sudden realizations or gut feelings. Psychic readers are individuals who have honed the ability to tune into and interpret this subconscious information, often with surprising accuracy.

This kind of sensory tuning can help explain how psychics are able to read situations or future probabilities with a depth that seems to transcend typical sensory processes. For example, during a reading, a psychic might pick up on subtle cues from a client’s body language, speech patterns, or emotional state, which contribute to the guidance they offer. However, the most skilled psychics go beyond these cues, tapping into a deeper source that science is still attempting to understand fully.

As a psychic, I believe that energy is constantly flowing to us. Using our non-physical senses, we’re interpreting the information within that energy, at all times.

Skeptics may dismiss psychic readings due to a lack of empirical evidence, but those who have experienced insightful readings often describe a profound sense of knowing that feels different from ordinary thought processes. This suggests that intuitive guidance, whether it stems from an external psychic or one’s own inner sense, taps into a layer of cognition that conventional methodologies are yet to fully map.

For individuals interested in exploring the potential of their own intuition, engaging with a psychic reader can be a fascinating step. Not only does it offer a chance to experience this intuitive exchange, but it also provides a framework for understanding the often overlooked aspects of human cognition.

Consider quantum physics – the foundation is that all of the Universe is made up of packets of energy. Every single aspect. So if we know we feel and experience energy, and our bodies and minds are receptors and transmitters of energy, why would it be so difficult to accept that we’ve come to become energy translators as well?

Moreover, the acceptance of intuition within scientific paradigms is gaining ground. Researchers in fields like psychology and neurobiology are beginning to explore how intuitive decision-making processes are an essential part of human cognition. They suggest that intuition could be a fast-track processing system that operates parallel to our more deliberate thought processes, enabling us to make decisions quickly when needed.

This duality of thought—intuitive versus rational—is something many psychic readers emphasize during their sessions. They often work to balance these aspects, helping clients to harness their intuitive insights in a way that complements their rational decision-making. This can lead to more holistic outcomes in personal and professional contexts.

Educating oneself about the scientific underpinnings of psychic phenomena not only demystifies the process but also enhances the appreciation for what intuitive readers do. By bridging the gap between science and spirituality, we open up a world where psychological insight and intuitive wisdom coexist, providing us with a richer, more nuanced understanding of ourselves and the decisions we make.

On a very personal note, I really tried to ignore my evolving abilities because I had a prejudice around what it meant to be psychic. How only a person who was always kind (I’m not), always open (I’m not), and chanted and participated in rituals and Earth healing ceremonies (I don’t), were psychic. I could be called a reluctant psychic because it was the last thing I wanted to put on my resume.

Now, after several years of embracing what makes sense to me, and often time doesn’t make sense to others, I’m quite comfortable with the not knowing how it all works.  If the exploration of energy and how humans experience it, how we manipulate it, and how we process it doesn’t appeal to you, that’s perfectly OK.  I actually found the science behind all this to be life affirming and gave me a sense of control over things no one else was ready to talk about.

If you ever want to have a conversation, reach out.  I’d love to discuss what your experiences are with all of this, and to learn from you.

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