Did you know that you can absolutely get psychic guidance on what is in store for you in the coming months? Just by having a conversation with your higher self? It’s totally possible! Let’s take a moment and unpack this together.

Get quiet and take 3 deep, calming breaths. You want to really get into your body. Take a few moments to ground yourself.

I find the fastest way to ground myself is to pool all my energy in my root chakra. I take a few seconds and feel it settling there. Then, I pull it up into my heart space. I allow it to remain there for a moment. When I feel ready, I pull the energy from my heart space up into my crown. From there, I push my energy up into the Cosmos and hook into Source energy, and pull it back down to my crown. A moment later, I pull that energy down into my heart space again. From there, I pull the energy all the way down to my root and allow it to settle there for another moment. Then, I feel my energy moving down over my thighs, my knees, my shins, my feet, and I push it down into the Earth’s core. Once it hooks in, I pull it back up and feel it moving over my feet, my shins, my knees, my thighs, and back to my root. I breathe deeply once again, and I am grounded and connected.

Now that you are grounded, in your mind’s eye, see yourself walking down a beautifully lush, green, forest path. Notice the gorgeous trees with their textured bark and green, lush, tops. You are surrounded by the beautiful song of nature. You can hear birds, and a gently creek bubbles nearby. Walking down this path, you come to a bench, soaked in sunlight, and feel a hint of a breeze cross your cheeks. You sit on this bench and feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

You look down and see there is a golden box on the ground next to you. It has your name etched on it. The lettering is glowing and inviting. You reach down and open the lid. Inside the box, you see a thick, textured golden paper. Looking at the paper closely, you recognize your name and writing. The writing lays out each month of the year, with information meant for you.

reading your own futureUpon the paper, you notice that there are predictions for you, for each month. Look closely, and notice the beautiful flow of the letters in the words. There are images and symbols, each one offering you a message about the months of the year and what your soul self is longing to know.

Take a piece of paper and write down what you feel, sense, taste, see…any images or symbols, colors, or words. Stay with this, and write down everything you experience in as much detail as you can.

Once you have gone through the document, slowly turn it over. You see one sentence on the back of the page. This sentence is advice from your high self on how to intentionally create the best year of your life. Write down exactly what you see.

You now have a road map for the coming year, downloaded from Source and your higher self.

Sit in silence for a few moments longer, and when you are ready, thank the forest, the trees, the singing birds, the sun, the comfortable bench, and the chest in your beautiful forest. See yourself rising from the bench, and walking further down the forest path, walking towards a door that is illuminated by bright, white light. As you open the door and walk through, you become gently aware of yourself, again; your breathing, your stillness, your body. Sit peacefully for a few moments longer, and when you are ready, close your visualization and resume your experience here in 3-D.

~ If you struggle with visualizations, continue to practice still mindfulness by grounding and doing short meditation sessions. You will train yourself to quiet your mind, on-command, and become a more effective receiver. Practice the above exercise as often as once a day, until the messages in the chest come to you easily and clearly.

Let me know if you need help!
rosalie brown

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