It’s pretty common for us woo woo types to have non-woo woo types in our lives. Be it a partner, friend, co-worker, family member. We step out of the Spiritual closet, and we find, “Wow! Lotsa people don’t believe what I believe.”  So, do we step back inside of the closet? Hells no, my friend!

I have attracted to me a beautiful bounty of Spiritual friends. Oh, they love the Earth, and talking Spirit, and cussing like sailors. My unique tribe can easily pray for world peace, and then get into a dirty memes war in my Facebook messenger in about 13 seconds flat.  We are all unique and layered, and all things can co-exist in the same space.

I love my tribe. Even the ones who don’t walk the same road as me. Those people in my life who do not entertain the idea that Spirit communicates message, or that I can channel messages from guides and other celestial beings — they get to exist in my life, shoulder to shoulder, next to those who do believe in our magic.  It’s a beautiful and funny balance, sometimes it’s a tricky path to walk.

I’m in a relationship. My person is a person of science, and facts, and dialogue. It has to make sense in his brain, for it to exist in the world. Some people call this “evidence based.”  I don’t – because I see evidence all around me of stuff that cannot be explained by science. So I refer to this as being a thinker.

universal timingI talk to dead people AND I think. It’s not like they are mutually exclusive. They can co-exist, and I know because I too am a science, fact based sorta gal. I’ll stay up late discussing quantum physics any day, because quantum physics and metaphysics go hand in hand. If it’s all energy, and IT IS, then quantum physics is actually a vehicle to prove metaphysics is real, if you really think about it.

But…what do I encourage people who want to develop their intuitive gifts to do? I encourage them to get out of the brains, and get into the feels.  When you can feel energy, when you can move your thinky brain out of the way, and RECEIVE, you’re really cooking with oil.  You have to suspend thought to receive thoughts that aren’t YOURS, amiright?

The thinkers and the feelers can co-exist in your space, and one doesn’t have to trump the other. As we get more comfortable with who we are, and the gifts we are exploring, we are able to see that all possibilities exist in every moment.  And we don’t know when or if someone else is going to have some grand Spiritual awakening!  People are awakening every day, to different degrees, whether they intend to, or not.

If you find yourself surrounded by those who think your gifts are voodoo, hokey, or just plain fake – take a deep breath. Understand that you are causing things to stir in them, things that make them uncomfortable. Look inside and find that place of compassion you would have for a child who is mastering a new skill.  Your tribe doesn’t have to believe the same things you believe.  You don’t have to convert anyone to your way of thinking or living. You get to decide how much discussion and dialogue is comfortable for you.

If your way of thinking and living is OK — how can theirs not also be OK?  See it’s the yin/yang, both sides make it complete.

And to be clear, tiny miracles happen every day. My person has acknowledged I must be doing something, providing some value to someone “out there,” or I wouldn’t be doing readings and channeling on Facebook and on video chats. He doesn’t want to get into the details of it, but he also knows me to be of solid character and I would never knowingly lead people astray.  So in his mind, he can come to a place of quiet acceptance that his girlfriend does this thing. He doesn’t have to participate in it, talk about it, or even understand it, to accept that there is something there. For us, that’s enough for now.

If you’re seeking out a tribe who “get” you – I encourage that. In fact, it’s down right necessary as you’re developing your gifts, or you could easily feel like you’re “crazy.”  You’re not crazy.  There are pockets of your Spirit tribe out there, I promise you.

Instead of trying to convert people to your way of thinking, start setting the intention to attract your Spirit tribe to you. You’re not chasing – you’re attracting. HUGE difference!

In the mean time, jump on social media and find some groups where you can practice, grow, and learn. Be of support to someone else, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you find support for yourself!

I’m here to walk this walk with you! Reach out if you need me!

rosalie brown

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