How can you tell if you have Clairaudience?

Do you ever feel like you’re having conversations with “yourself” but it’s more of a dialogue, an actual conversation…more than just you giving a monologue? Does it seem like the conversations have some back and forth; wherein you may come to a realization, or figure out a solution to something that’s been on your mind?

Clairaudience refers to a “hearing” but it is not always through your ears – it’s more like it appears in your mind. Snippets of conversations, thoughts or phrases may be heard, you might even get responses to your questions. Some people have clairaudience and experience it through hearing songs in their heads, hearing high pitched tones or ringing, hearing deep hums, hearing the sounds of appliances like washing machines or car motors, or hearing nature sounds like the rain or the wind or the crackling of fire.

Some people will notice at times it sounds as if their name has been called, but there won’t be anyone around; and this often leads to questioning if it’s their imagination. It’s not.

Everyone experiences clairaudience a bit differently, however whether you get it with your ears or you receive it through thoughts and energy in your third eye, this is truly communication and messages from Spirit.

Here are some examples of Clairaudience in Action:

You may

  • hear music, when none is playing
  • notice ringing in ears, or one in particular
  • hear whispering or soft chatter when no one is near
  • hear your name being called when alone
  • hear snippets of conversations when alone
  • hear the voice of a loved who has crossed over
  • hear a phone ringing, or even the door bell, though no one will be there when you answer
  • hear your own voice (or the voice of another) as you inner dialogue throughout the day. Most of us call this “talking to ourselves.” As this conversation is happening, you’ll likely figure out solutions to challenges that you’ve been trying to work out. This is generally not us speaking with ourselves, but actually spiritual communication.

This list is not all inclusive, nor is the definition, however…if you are wondering if you have Clairaudience and some of these experiences feel familiar to you, you can be confident that you’re brining through messages from Spirit.

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