…it’s different for everyone! There are some things you can do before a reading, giving a reading that is, and the rituals are for YOU. Spirit doesn’t need help coming through, you’re the one who has to be ready to receive it.

Some people ground, shield, protect themselves, but I am not in this camp. Why? The “shield and protect” is a fear based belief. What do you think you need protection from?

Listen, using a Ouija board is how we “conjure” whatever and whoever is around and ask them to communicate via a plastic needle and some group energy. Conjuring is not the same thing as receiving.

Spirit is not something you ever need to fear. When you get your mind quiet and able to receive, the highway between you and Spirit is smoother, less speed bumps and potholes. But trust me that Spirit knows what it’s doing, and you just need to show up.

There are no sacred moon rituals, crystal paths, or sparkly glitter that you have to throw around while chanting sacred words handed down through the generations.

I prepare, usually but NOT always, by doing a quick meditation. This is not a requirement, it’s a tool that I use so that my mind isn’t running all over the place. It keeps my mental chatter OUT. Because if I am tapping in for someone, I want to be a clear channel that simply allows for the information to flow in.

Sometimes I’ll do some automatic writing. I’ll grab a piece of paper and write on the top “What would be most helpful for me to know, right now?” I’ll doodle to give my brain something to focus on, and then wait for words to flood my brain. I write those words down, and don’t stop writing until the words stop coming.

When I stop writing, I’ll look over what I wrote, and it’s always a message – for me or for someone else.

If I have someone in front of me who wants a reading, I’ll say a quick prayer, asking my guides to help me move my own stuff (ego) out of the way, allow me to receive and deliver information that will be useful and deliver it in a loving, honest way. Again, this is for ME. Spirit knows what to do!

There are a lot of people who cling to their rituals, and that’s OK. It’s not about judging how people tap in. The most important step in my opinion is to move your own filters and perceptions out of the way so that you can act as a conduit and deliver the message.

If there is a process or ritual you use to tap in, I’d love to hear it!
rosalie brown

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