If there was a go-to guidebook on what to expect when you start giving psychic readings, I would have bought a copy! Heck, if there is, will you email me the link? 🙂

Speaking with some friends recently, the one thing we realized collectively was that sometimes even when you get centered, grounded, connected, and deliver message from Spirit…you could be reading for someone who doesn’t like the message that you share. So how do we handle that? Is that because we said the wrong thing? Was our delivery off?

Sure, those things are possible, but those are more the personality/human side of this work. When you’re connected with Spirit, you get the information that Spirit wants you to have ~ and you don’t want to be judging the information that comes through for you. It’s from Spirit!

How do we know it’s Spiritual communication?

Here’s what I do to make sure I’m not tapping into the “vibrational” energy, but connecting with Spirit. I begin with a short prayer. And as a former Roman Catholic, the word prayer still feels funny for me. I don’t generally like the word, because of the dogma I attached to the word “prayer.” (That’s MY stuff, I get it!) The purpose of the prayer is to help me move my stuff out of the way, my ego, my personality, my filters. We all have them, because we are having the human experience!  There is zero shame in being human.

My prayer is simple, and I simply state something to the effect of: “Thank you Spirit, for allowing me to connect. Please allow me to move my stuff aside, receive the information that is for the greatest good. Allow me to deliver it in a way that is truthful, loving, and helpful.”

It’s that simple.  You can always find the words, sentiment, and prayer that works for you. I take a few moments to clear my mind, slow my breathing and get in my body, and say the prayer. Then I ask to be shown, and I begin to doodle so that my mind will be occupied and not trying to filter or question the information that downloads for me.

That’s just my process. Everyone doing readings will create their own, modifying it when helpful. If there is something that really works for you – I’d love to hear it!

So once you’ve got your process and begin the reading, what happens if the person in front of you isn’t really vibing with what you’re sharing? If you get sucked into that dynamic, and it’s easy to…you can easily be thrown off your game. What I typically say is, I’m sharing what is being shared with me.  Some of what I share may not resonate for you, and that’s OK. What I like to do, is keep the focus on Spirit, and not on ME. Because people can easily attach the information that comes through, to YOU. But if you’re the channel, the information is not FROM you. You’re delivering it for the person’s greatest good, from a source outside of yourself.

confidence during psychic readingsThere are people who will want psychic readings because they want affirmation for something that is important to them. As open-minded as people want to be, they still want to feel GOOD. That’s often why they seek out a reading in the first place. That’s totally expected! Sometimes a disclaimer before the reading begins may be just what sets the tone…

You might say something before the reading that sounds like: “I tap into Spirit, and share what Spirit gives me. The messages delivered are meant for your greatest good. If questions come up as I’m sharing information, please ask so that I may try and get more clarity for you.”  

And quite frankly, giving readings takes a lot of energy. Energy from you! So it’s important that you take care of yourself, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. If you give a reading and the person receiving it, doesn’t seem to be receiving it, do not allow it to throw you off balance.  Not every person is a good energetic match, and some people have an agenda before even sitting with you.

Don’t allow the interactions you have with people you read for – to define you or shake your confidence in your abilities. Sometimes we might get the information off kilter, just enough that the person receiving it doesn’t connect to it. We also might be an energetic mismatch for the person in front of us, and that’s totally OK.  Each reading you give allows you to work more closely with Spirit and your guides, and is an opportunity for YOU to grow. How cool is that?

If you need support or have questions, I’m happy to dialogue! I am learning every day from others who do this work, and it’s beautiful!

rosalie brown




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