Your Spirit Guides ~ a wildly popular topic in intuitive development and psychic circles. Whether people buy into it or not, I’m here to tell ya…we all have Spirit Guides.  If you’re a psychic reader, much of the information you receive from the other side, comes your way because of your communication with Spirit Guides.

I am asked quite often, “How can I connect with my Spirit Guides?”  And I love the question, because the jumping off point is super easy: ASK.  Get quiet, focused, and relaxed.  And then ASK your guides to come to you.  People often forget, this is all a permission based Universe.  You invite your guides in and let them know you want to hear from them. They have your permission to communicate with you, show you signs, intervene on your behalf…seriously, you gotta tell them they have your A-OK!

Your guides are always at the ready.  So once you grant them permission, then you want to ask them to make themselves KNOWN to you.  I encourage people who are new to this to start off slow. You might be as vague (and I’ll explain why vague can be good in a second) as ~ “please show me a physical sign of your presence today.”

Being vague will keep you from having a SET expectation of HOW spirit shows up for you.  Remember, your guides are experts at this stuff, and don’t need help doing this part…YOU are the one who is learning to recognize and receive. Your guides, if you remain open and without expectation, will find the easiest way to reach you.  It might be audio, visual, sudden thoughts, tugs at your hair, tingling in your crown…(as examples).

Sometimes you see a feather out of nowhere. Is it Spirit? Maybe. It could also be that you’re in an area that has a lot of bird activity.  So, ask…”hey, was that you? Show me something more, so I feel more confident that it’s you.”  Now before you wonder if that’s gonna piss off your guides (“HEY HUMAN, HOW DARE YOU QUESTION US.”)…guess what?  It’s only in organized religion that you might feel like you can’t challenge or ask for proof.  Your guides are never upset with you, and will never chastise you.  This isn’t organized religion, this is you getting more acquainted with your higher self and the energies that are always around you.

Ask for evidence of your guides’ presence.  Be open to receive the evidence.  You’ll get it, if you’re listening.

Once you get the evidence that you’ve got your guides around you, you can begin to develop your spirit language.  What the heck is spirit language?  That’s the moniker I’ve attached to the method and signs/symbols that your guides will use to communicate with you.  You ask, they share.  It really does become a two-way conversation, but initially, it can feel a bit clumsy as you ask, then wait to get the signs or symbols.  Allow for the time and space to develop your communication methods, and give yourself some grace as you start to put the puzzle pieces together.

I began by asking my guides to make themselves know to me, using energy.  It began with feeling the temperature around me change. Then I would lean in and I could feel vibrations.  Being sort of an addict for this stuff, I wanted more and more.  And I intentionally began to create a relationship, inviting in different methods of communication. I’m now in a place where I take a few deep breathes, ask a question and then begin the back and forth dialogue.

As you start down this path, or if you get stuck, let me know! I would be happy to help you navigate until you feel you’re on solid footing!

rosalie brown


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